How to Configure the Algo 8039 Video Intercom with the Algo 8061

Algo’s 8039 video intercom attracts many businesses who are looking for a flexible and reliable intercom solution that can be easily configured in several different ways to meet their requirements. The Algo 8061 is a PoE interface module providing SIP interface control specifically for the Algo 8036, 8039, and 8201. Today, we are going to show you how easy it is to configure the Algo 8039 with the Algo 8061 relay controller. Let’s get to it! How to Configure the Algo 8039 Video Intercom Find the IP address of your Algo 8061 – You can find it by using the locator tool from Algo’s website. This tool displays all of the Algo devices available on the network, and their corresponding IP addresses. Point your browser to the IP address. The 8061 Control Panel will be displayed. Log in with a default password “algo” Set a password: Go to the Config page and set a password in the Door Control Password field in the Features section. You will need this password when configuring the 8039 with the device. The 8039 can be configured from the web interface. Find IP address of your Algo 8039: Press the blue call button to hear the IP address over the speaker. Log in via the…

Video Banking Offers Many Benefits For Your Financial Services Contact Center

Your contact center is your hot spot for ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining customer loyalty, and identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Traditional communication methods, like a phone call, don’t offer the personal touch that your customers can experience with VidyoConnect, a real-time video platform that offers a more personal, face-to-face connection. In this video, you’ll learn  Read More The post Video Banking Offers Many Benefits For Your Financial Services Contact Center appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Mini-Course Shows How to Choose The Right Video Technology Platform

In our Video Banking Report 2018, respondents who have already deployed a video banking system were asked to identify some of the top challenges they had to overcome during the implementation process. The top response was “Finding the right technology” (55%). It’s too bad they didn’t have access to a new educational web series called  Read More The post Mini-Course Shows How to Choose The Right Video Technology Platform appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

2018: What to Expect for Embedded Video

Elana Anderson, CMO The market will evolve from video conferencing to video interaction, with enterprises and solutions providers alike recognizing the need for and the value of embedding video into user workflows and business processes. Video conferencing will no longer be a stand-alone app. The vendor market will go through an interesting shift, with a  Read More The post 2018: What to Expect for Embedded Video appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Real-time Video Clears the Path for a Revolution in Talent Acquisition

Three months ago, as a college student with limited time and money, I feared how I’d be able to interview for summer internships in my home state. Scheduling an in-person interview during business hours would have resulted in missed classes. My concerns were immediately dismissed when I was invited to a face-to-face remote interview over  Read More The post Real-time Video Clears the Path for a Revolution in Talent Acquisition appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement

Companies today go above and beyond to ensure a highly differentiated customer experience to maintain and elevate their brand. Customers interact with brands at different points and through various channels throughout their relationship. A well-handled interaction through video chat can increase brand loyalty and bring to light unexpected opportunities to build rapport while reducing customer  Read More The post Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Survey Says: Video Collaboration is the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking

The financial services industry is at a crossroads, as advancements in consumer-facing and mobile technologies are changing how we do just about everything, from how we manage our work to our health, finances and more. How will banks, credit unions and other financial institutions remain competitive and innovative in a time when customer expectations are  Read More The post Survey Says: Video Collaboration is the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

The Evolving Role of Video Communications for Customer Interactions

For the past decade, Enterprises have used video to avoid travel. The videoconferencing impact on transportation is such that Scientific American dedicated an article on its effects reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Lately, enterprises have started to revisit how they can leverage video. In a world ruled by the customer experience, they are finding video can fulfill the strategic mission of enabling high-quality, face-to-face, interactions. Balancing self-service and automation Customer Service organizations are continually being asked to improve their operating costs and as a result they are turning to self-service and automation. If these technologies cannot effectively address the modern customer’s desire for convenience, they can often backfire. Consumers can easily become frustrated, feeling stuck dealing with a machine when they really want the personal touch of a real-time interaction. Help required Although consumers can call to get help, long wait times, rigidly scripted processes, and the uncertainty of being able to get to a competent associate are making customers reluctant to use the phone. This trend is striking when looking at a Dimension Data survey of channel preferences by age group that finds while the telephone is the channel of choice for people 35 years and older, it drops to fourth choice for the Millennial generation. Many companies have turned…

Creating Access and Financial Inclusion Through Video Banking

The benefits of video conferencing have been well documented, whether creating a more collaborative environment in the workplace or connecting a dispersed work force, an additional key benefit to high-quality, face-to-face communication is the access it provides to services, like healthcare and banking, to those in rural communities. Video banking is certainly seeing an uptick, as financial institutions continue to transform their digital integrity and consider the best ways to serve their communities. As a result, video banking is growing on a global scale, not only providing a more effortless way to bank, but also creating wider access to banking services to those who otherwise may not have them. According to the World Bank, two billion adults worldwide do not have access to formal financial services1. This is why the work that China’s Fujian Rural Credit Cooperative & Rural Commercial Bank is doing to provide Vidyo-powered Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs) to serve over 20 million rural customers is of key importance. Fujian Rural Credit Cooperative & Rural Commercial Bank is the largest financial services provider in China’s Fujian region, and in conjunction with eSOON and Vidyo, are deploying VTMs that provide secure, convenient and instant video banking services to its customers. These services, many of which would have otherwise been…

How Customer Experience Leaders Leverage Video

In our previous post, we discussed the evolving role of video for customer interactions. Let’s explore how Customer Experience leaders are leveraging video. Customer service is becoming transactional A few years ago, the Corporate Executive Board released its research on customer loyalty. Published under the provocative title “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers”1, it showed that, when it comes to customer service, customers want first and foremost their inquiries or problems to be resolved quickly and easily. It transformed the Customer Experience discipline, introducing the “effortless” imperative. Time became the currency for both buying products and getting service. This consumer expectation met enterprises’ desire for reducing service costs in a perfect storm. Many interactions were turned into transactions, often thanks to self-service. Late 2014, Forrester noted that web self-service had become the most widely used communication channel for customer service, ahead of the agent-assisted voice channel. Not so fast! If self-service brings convenience and speed, it is not the panacea. Indeed, we all have experienced situations where we have a question, cannot find an important piece of information, or simply need confirmation from a person. Good self-service includes the option of getting live assistance. Gartner predicted that by 2017, one-third of all customer service interactions will still require the support…