Large Retailers Trust Sangoma for their Data Network Solutions

The telephony card market in general has been agreeably declining for some time. Despite this, Sangoma’s telephony card division has continued to show tremendous strength, year after year, specifically in The post Large Retailers Trust Sangoma for their Data Network Solutions appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Chris Sherwood of CrossTalk Solutions Talks Tech at ITEXPO 2019

While we spent a lot of time talking to manufacturers and meeting our customers at ITEXPO, we had to make sure we left enough time to have a chat with the creator and founder of CrossTalk Solutions, Christ Sherwood. CrossTalk Solutions a VoIP consulting group, but they are best known for their YouTube channel which features new VoIP equipment, tutorials and more! Having worked with Chris for a while now, it was nice to finally meet and pick his brain about new technology and of course, VoIP! Want to see what Chris had to say about all of the excitement at ITEXPO 2019 and what he loves most about working with VoIP Supply? Then check out the full interview in the video above! Did you attend ITEXPO 2019? What were your thoughts on the show? Let us know in the comments! The post Chris Sherwood of CrossTalk Solutions Talks Tech at ITEXPO 2019 appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider

Premium quality conferencing solutions from Polycom

Efficient telecom products are an absolute necessity for any organization. These are required in order to stay in constant touch with the existing & prospective clients. Not only this, these also assist in managing the inbound human resource for the smooth functioning of the organization. There are a large number of telecom products available in the market today from a variety of manufacturers. Polycom, however, makes for one of the best choices. There is a wide range of telecom products on offer from Polycom video conferencing & audio conferencing systems, Polycom business phones and many more.Polycom conferencing system in particular, are in high demand. These provide for three-way communication from the comfort of one’s personal cabin to anywhere in the world, in high definition. Polycom video conferencing and audio conferencing equipment are available in the market in a variety of options and can be chosen depending upon the requirements of the organization.The solutions considerably cut down on the frequency of business travel that has to be otherwise undertaken. The resultant cost cut, more than compensates even for the price of the product within a short period of time.Moreover, these save on a lot of time and energy that otherwise would be exhausted during the long business trips. This results in…

Top 3 Asterisk Solutions Prosper Small to Large Scaled Businesses

In a past decade, much technological advancement noted. The technological inventions brought revolution in the people’s life as well as the businesses. One of such technological boon is Asterisk. The asterisk is a well-known PBX software, which can be attached to traditional telephone lines or voice over IP network. It comes with many flexible and rich features. Some of the key features of Asterisk are listed below: Call Monitoring Call Transfer Blind Transfer Call Retrieval Call Snooping Call Queuing Call Waiting Call Recording Conference Bridging Blacklists Whitelists Direct Inward System Access Database Integration Remote Office Support Talk Detection Three-way Calling Transcoding And the list goes on Traditionally, Asterisk was used to make calls. As businesses started recognizing the flexibility and wealth the Asterisk offers, many custom solutions were developed in Asterisk. There are many VoIP development companies, which started and continued the development of the custom Asterisk solutions to leverage the communication requirements of any business. There can be a specific solution developed by keeping an organization in mind; at the same time, there can be an asterisk solution developed, which is general in nature, and provide similar benefits in any operational environment. The top 3 Asterisk solutions which suit any business environment, and benefits it with its abundant features…

How Businesses are Deploying SIP Trunk Solutions

SIP, otherwise known as Session Initiated Protocol has widely been used in verbal and written context with business telecommunications lingo. While this technology has been raved about and highly documented throughout the past recent years in tech blogs and websites, it can be somewhat difficult to understand exactly what SIP is and how it is used if you are somewhat new to telecommunication terminology. If you aren’t a CTO or CIO but run a business with high levels of voice and data traffic, this should help better explain the technology for you. SIP runs over an IP (Internet Protocol) network. A network running the Internet Protocol previously allowed for data transfer between satellite office locations via private lines, for hosting websites, or hosting other data servers. Over the past decade however, new technologies and the explosion of VoIP (just think Vonage and Comcast phone) have given an IP network far greater importance and precedence over business communications. SIP allows for simple daily business functions as simple as phone calls (inbound/outbound) utilizing VoIP technology but can be more diverse in the business environment. A daily function in the enterprise or business may be more complex functions such as conference calls that additionally may require multimedia (live stream video, live document presentations,…