Auerswald Support 4.0 – Komm‘ zum besten Service

Sparen, Sparen, Sparen – Egal was es kostet Herunterfahren der Service-Leistungen, Einschränkung der telefonischen Erreichbarkeit, Übertragung der Dienste an Call-Center oder Distributoren – so sieht derzeit die Support-Landschaft der ITK-Branche aus. Partner anderer Hersteller sind oft ratlos und verärgert, weil sie kaum noch schnelle und kompetente Hilfe bekommen. Guter technischer Support fällt Der Originalartikel Auerswald Support 4.0 – Komm‘ zum besten Service wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

Customer Service Pain Points a UC Solution Can Solve

More than 70% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. When a customer calls into The post Customer Service Pain Points a UC Solution Can Solve appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Rich Communications Service (RCS) Market

Rich Communications Service (RCS) is the platform that enables the delivery of communication experiences beyond SMS and voice, providing consumers with instant messaging or chat, live video and file sharing – across devices, on any network. RCS, which is a GSM Association (GSMA) enterprise, provides mobile network operators to uphold their existing customer base by keeping the customers connected through enriched communication services. RCS marks the transition of messaging and voice capabilities from Circuit Switched technology to an all-IP world – and it shares the same IMS investment and leverages the same IMS capabilities as VoLTE and Video calls over LTE. The Rich Communications Service (RCS) Market is estimated to witness compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41.81% from 2015 to 2020. The major factors driving the RCS market are the customer retention, influence of social networks, collaboration between the carriers, benefits from investments and global interoperability. The rich communication service market faces major hindrances like competition of OTT players and lack of awareness among organizations regarding the consumption and usage. The messaging market has gradually become more competitive with the entry of major OTT players, such as Line, Skype and WhatsApp. Rich Communication Service provides organizations integrated voice and video services, interoperability across any operator network, the ability to…