How to Move a Sangoma PBX Deployment to a New PBX

Sometimes things happen, surprises occur, and your original plans don’t work anymore – we get it! If that’s what you are going through with your Sangoma PBX deployment, don’t worry! You can still change it.  Although all of Sangoma’s commercial modules are set for a specific deployment at the time of purchase, nothing is set in stone. Your deployment is locked to a hardware box when you register to a Deployment ID, but you are allowed to reset the hardware lock up to 2 times.   How to Reset Sangoma’s PBX Deployment Hardware Lock Here is what you need to do: Login to your portal at Click Products< PBX – List All Find the deployment that you want to reset the Hardware Lock.  Click on the Pencil Icon on the right hand side to edit the deployment Click on the License tab at the top of your deployment screen You should see “Reset Hardware Lock” button now! Click on the reset hardware lock button and now you can register this Deployment ID on a new system. ( See how to register your PBX for commercial modules here) Keep in mind that you only have two times to change your hardware lock. If you have reset it more than twice, you…

Large Retailers Trust Sangoma for their Data Network Solutions

The telephony card market in general has been agreeably declining for some time. Despite this, Sangoma’s telephony card division has continued to show tremendous strength, year after year, specifically in The post Large Retailers Trust Sangoma for their Data Network Solutions appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

How to Increase your Revenue with Sangoma (Webinar Recap)

During this month’s Sangoma Reseller Webinar, Mark Carson discussed ways to increase your revenue with FreePBX and PBXact. If you missed the webinar, you won’t want to miss out on this quick recap!  Download the webinar slides here to learn more details! Sangoma Reseller Webinar Q&A Question 1: If I currently have FreePBX how do I transition to PBXact? Is it easy? Answer: If you have a Sangoma FreePBX Appliance Sangoma offers an upgrade module that allows you to convert your FreePBX into a PBXact system. The upgrade module gives you a new deployment ID that you plug into your system, converts it, then it goes out to the Sangoma portal, pulls in the software for PBXact appliance and turns it into a PBXact system. If you currently have FreePBX that you downloaded from the internet you cannot convert it into a PBXact system. Question 2: PBXact has a lot of modules, which ones do you see customers most drawn to? Answer: The modules that customers are most drawn to are Endpoint Manager for 3rd Party Phones, Paging Pro, Conference Pro, and Extension Routing. Endpoint Manager: Auto-provision and configure phones, paging devices, gateways, and specialty devices. Paging Pro: Valet style paging, scheduled pages, outbound notifications Conference Pro: End User Conference room management and control Extension Routing: Easily…

Sangoma Reseller Webinar Recap February 2019

During this month’s Sangoma reseller webinar, Mark covered Sangoma’s latest Tech Award, new product releases, and Sangoma’s partner portal with marketing resources. Download the webinar slides here to learn more details! Sangoma Reseller Webinar Q&A Question 1: Does Digium mobile solution work on Sangoma’s PBXact? Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is no. As of right now, Digium’s mobile solution only works with Digium Switchvox. However, the integration with Sangoma products could happen down the road in the future. Question 2: How are the s206 and s406 IP phones different from the s205? Answer: The s206 has 2 SIP accounts, while the s205 is equipped with 1 SIP registration only. Also, the s206 and the s406 SIP phones have a new processor chip that supports Opus codec. Learn More about Sangoma Reseller Program The post Sangoma Reseller Webinar Recap February 2019 appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider

New! Sangoma Welcomes the s205 Entry-Level SIP Phone to its s-Series Family!

Are you a small business looking for a basic SIP Phone that simply works? If you are familiar with Sangoma’s s-Series SIP phones, you must have heard the s300 entry-level IP phone, which is equipped with 2 SIP accounts, 6 feature keys and 5-way conferencing. Now there’s one more great option at an even lower price point for small start-ups looking for a simple solution without bells and whistles: the s205 Basic IP Phone! Entry-Level, Affordable IP Phones: Hot-Desking, Built-in VPN, EndPoint Manager The s205 is an entry-level SIP Phone designed with all the fundamental capabilities you’ll need for daily operations. This 1-line SIP phone features Host-Desking function that allows you to access all your settings simply by logging into any phone with your extension and password. This is perfect for users without a permanent work desk such as call-center agents and roaming workers! Even better, it comes with marketing leading security features that will give your whole team peace of mind. With the built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN), your remote workers are able to access all the tools from the office without compromising security. Like all other s-Series Phones, the s205 is also designed to work with FreePBX and PBXact phone system using Zero Touch Provisioning. This affordable entry-level…