Xorcom CloudPhone Mobile App is Now Available for iOS and Android!

Xorcom CloudPhone, a SIP softphone for Xorcom PBX extensions, is now available for iOS and Android! This app is fully integrated with executive-grade features and it is compatible with all Xorcom VoIP PBX systems. What’s Cool About Xorcom’s New Mobile App? Now users can use the extension and contacts on their mobile phone and set do-not-disturb schedules, transfer calls record calls and more! Also, your mobile number won’t be seen when making calls using CloudPhone and you’ll be reachable on your direct office phone number. With CloudPhone, all users and call flow are centrally managed in CompletePBX. Learn how to set up CloudPhone Softphone on CompletePBX here! What do you think about Xorcom’s new softphone mobile app? Have you tried it yet? Share your thoughts with us! If you’d like to learn more about Xorcom updates, visit our Xorcom page or give us a call at 1-800-398-8647! The post Xorcom CloudPhone Mobile App is Now Available for iOS and Android! appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider

Live Demo: Sangoma Zulu UC & Zulu Mobile (Webinar Recap)

Have you checked out Sangoma’s new Zulu mobile? During our webinar today, Todd from Sangoma shared a lot of good information about Zulu UC & Zulu mobile, including the key features & functionalities, interactive user interface, and even a live demo to show you how it works in real life!  If you missed our webinar, I highly recommend you download our presentation slides here to review! The webinar recording will be shared out in a few days. Stay tuned! Sangoma Zulu Desktop and Mobile Integration Key Features: Feature-rich softphone clients CTI – Browser and desktop integration for FreePBX & PBXact Chat (1 to 1 messaging and Group Chat via Rooms with Emojis) File transfer & Sharing Presence control Call pop-ups SMS (requires SIPStation SIP Trunking service) Fax (requires PBXact or a paid FreePBX add-on) Screen Sharing (Beta) Zulu UC comes included with all PBXact Systems. If you are using Zulu for FreePBX, here’s the pricing for licensing: 2-user for 1 year: FreePBX license is Free! 20-user for 1 Year – $ 199 MSRP 1000-user for 1 year – $ 1999 MSRP Also, don’t forget about Sangoma’s current promotions for resellers! It’s your chance to get up to $ 50 per item on select Sangoma devices and deeper discounts on FreePBX…

Mobile : souriez, vous êtes filtrés

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Professionelle Erreichbarkeit mit COMfortel Mobile Business

Die neue FMC-App von Auerswald COMfortel Mobile Business ist nun kostenlos im App Store und auf Google Play erhältlich. Doch wer kann die App sinnvoll einsetzen und wofür steht die Abkürzung FMC? COMfortel Mobile Business schafft eine beinahe nahtlose Integration von Festnetztelefonie und mobiler Kommunikation und ist damit ein perfektes Der Originalartikel Professionelle Erreichbarkeit mit COMfortel Mobile Business wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

How to Use Yealink’s SIP-T49G Bluetooth Phone with a Mobile Phone

Many of Yealink’s business IP phones have built-in Bluetooth support that allows you to connect your mobile phone to the Yealink phone unit wirelessly. The advantage is that you can switch the desktop phone to your mobile phone anytime you want, even during a phone call without any interruptions. (The person on the other end won’t even notice it!) Let’s take Yealink’s SIP-T49G business phone as our example and see how this process works: How to use Yealink’s SIP-T49G with a Mobile Phone Switching back and forth between the T49G business phone and your mobile phone is easy. Let’s take a quick look at the simple process: Turn on Bluetooth from your mobile phone setting Connect your mobile phone to SIP-T49G via Bluetooth When there is an incoming call, both your cell phone and the T49G will ring Answer the call on either the SIP-T49G desktop phone or your mobile phone On your mobile phone, you can switch this call to SIP-T49G without any interruptions When your conversion is finished, simply hang up the call on your cell phone or the T49G and the call will hang up on both ends This Bluetooth connection process works for the T49G, SIP-T58V, SIP-T58A, SIP-T56A, and SIP-T49G. The best part is that the…

Etes-vous prêt pour la gestion unifiée des terminaux desktop et mobile ?

L’explosion des usages mobiles a nécessité de la part des entreprises le déploiement d’une stratégie d’Entreprise Mobility Management (EMM) pour assurer la sécurité et la gestion des configurations des appareils. Mais avec la multiplicité des devices et des systèmes d’exploitation, la mission se complexifie. Aujourd’hui, de nouvelles plateformes de supervision permettent de gérer tous les périphériques : mobile, desktop, tablette, via une solution unique. C’est le Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).   Faut-il contrôler et sécuriser l’ensemble des terminaux mobiles et des postes de travail avec un même système ? Quels bénéfices peut-on attendre ? A qui ces solutions s’adressent-t-elles en priorité ? Faisons-le point.   De la gestion de l’appareil, à la gestion du contenu et des applications Il y a une dizaine d’années, le Mobile Device Management (MDM) a permis de surveiller et sécuriser les terminaux mobiles. L’entreprise établissait une politique à laquelle les utilisateurs étaient tenus de se conformer avant de pouvoir se connecter au réseau. En cas de perte ou de vol d’un terminal, la solution permettait de gérer à distance le verrouillage de l’appareil ou l’effacement de son contenu.   Avec l’éruption de la révolution mobile, les salariés doivent pouvoir travailler n’importe où et à n’importe quel moment, depuis un appareil professionnel ou personnel. Pour accompagner ce profond changement, il a…

Yealink VC Mobile App Now is Open for Beta Testing

Recently, Yealink announced that their VC Mobile App is now available for beta testing. This is an updated addition to Yealink’s One-stop Video Conferencing Solution designed mainly for remote and office workers. The high-quality video collaboration and streamline communication attract a lot of on-the-go staff with tablet or smartphone. It also supports Network Address Translation (NAT) and Intelligent Firewall Traversal to provide safe video conferencing meetings anywhere you go. The Yealink VC Mobile app is free of charge and available for both Android and iOS users to download. The post Yealink VC Mobile App Now is Open for Beta Testing appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider » VoIP Insider

Blog Series: Business Challenges solved by Cloud CollaborationPart 1 – Connecting Highly Mobile Employees

In this four-part blog series we’ll explore the top business challenges solved by cloud-based video collaboration. Part one focuses on connecting highly mobile employee roles that can be found in any industry, like field sales, field services, and consultants. And some industries have even greater needs for reliable mobile collaboration, like manufacturing, oil & gas, and healthcare. As organizations seek to optimize field operations, the adoption of BYOD mobile collaboration is expanding. According to a recent report published by Nemertes Research1, 32.5% of enterprise employees now use WLAN, cellular, or other forms of wireless as their primary network technology. This ups the ante when it comes to video-enabling mobile users for business collaboration, because mobile and wireless networks are often unpredictable in terms of performance. The definition of mobile video collaboration is expanding as well: mobile collaboration is no longer limited to smartphones and tablets. There are emerging mobile use cases, like “see-what-I-see” field services applications leveraging smart glasses, drones and more. According to ABI Research2 the enterprise wearables market is exploding and expected to reach $ 18 billion by 2019. Many IT managers are turning to cloud to video-enable mobile devices for employees. But not every video conferencing cloud is the same when it comes to delivering video that…