9 holiday voicemail greetings for better customer experience

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The Importance of Customer Satisfaction with Your SIP Trunking Service

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric that is always important, and one that Sangoma tracks closely. Many businesses, like us, know that this is really what keeps the business running. The post The Importance of Customer Satisfaction with Your SIP Trunking Service appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Star2Star Named a 2019 Customer Product of the Year Award Winner

Star2Star Communications, a leading provider of communication solutions, announced that their Full Spectrum Communications Solution has been named as a 2019 Customer Product of the Year Award winner by TMC, a global media company. Star2Star is the world’s only provider of Full Spectrum Communications. The solutions unify voice, video, mobile, chat, fax, presence management, and more into a single, easy-to-use system. What does the Product of the Year Award recognize? This award recognizes vendors that are advancing the call center, CRM and telecom services. It also highlights products that empower their customers to meet and exceed their expectations and needs. “When we created the Full Spectrum Communications Solution, we had the customer experience front and center while designing the system,” said Michelle Accardi, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Star2Star. “Full Spectrum Communications are designed to solve the complexities and challenges of the modern business in ways other solutions can’t. When you have all of the technology you need under one platform, with the ability to integrate and customize for your unique needs, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.” This is the fourth consecutive year that Star2Star has been recognized with this award. Congratulations, Star2Star! We are very excited about the news and looking forward to serving…

Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement

Companies today go above and beyond to ensure a highly differentiated customer experience to maintain and elevate their brand. Customers interact with brands at different points and through various channels throughout their relationship. A well-handled interaction through video chat can increase brand loyalty and bring to light unexpected opportunities to build rapport while reducing customer  Read More The post Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

The Evolving Role of Video Communications for Customer Interactions

For the past decade, Enterprises have used video to avoid travel. The videoconferencing impact on transportation is such that Scientific American dedicated an article on its effects reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Lately, enterprises have started to revisit how they can leverage video. In a world ruled by the customer experience, they are finding video can fulfill the strategic mission of enabling high-quality, face-to-face, interactions. Balancing self-service and automation Customer Service organizations are continually being asked to improve their operating costs and as a result they are turning to self-service and automation. If these technologies cannot effectively address the modern customer’s desire for convenience, they can often backfire. Consumers can easily become frustrated, feeling stuck dealing with a machine when they really want the personal touch of a real-time interaction. Help required Although consumers can call to get help, long wait times, rigidly scripted processes, and the uncertainty of being able to get to a competent associate are making customers reluctant to use the phone. This trend is striking when looking at a Dimension Data survey of channel preferences by age group that finds while the telephone is the channel of choice for people 35 years and older, it drops to fourth choice for the Millennial generation. Many companies have turned…

How Customer Experience Leaders Leverage Video

In our previous post, we discussed the evolving role of video for customer interactions. Let’s explore how Customer Experience leaders are leveraging video. Customer service is becoming transactional A few years ago, the Corporate Executive Board released its research on customer loyalty. Published under the provocative title “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers”1, it showed that, when it comes to customer service, customers want first and foremost their inquiries or problems to be resolved quickly and easily. It transformed the Customer Experience discipline, introducing the “effortless” imperative. Time became the currency for both buying products and getting service. This consumer expectation met enterprises’ desire for reducing service costs in a perfect storm. Many interactions were turned into transactions, often thanks to self-service. Late 2014, Forrester noted that web self-service had become the most widely used communication channel for customer service, ahead of the agent-assisted voice channel. Not so fast! If self-service brings convenience and speed, it is not the panacea. Indeed, we all have experienced situations where we have a question, cannot find an important piece of information, or simply need confirmation from a person. Good self-service includes the option of getting live assistance. Gartner predicted that by 2017, one-third of all customer service interactions will still require the support…

Featured Customer: Highlands Fellowship

Highlands Fellowship was founded in April of 1995 with the vision of creating a church where imperfect people love to attend.  With multiple campuses in Virginia and an online campus, Highlands Fellowship believes that a church isn’t just a building – it’s the people. Let’s hear their story! Budget Constraint Challenge Highlands Fellowship lost their Comdial PBX in an electrical storm and therefore decided to upgrade their system to an IP based phone system. They were offered a proposal by a friend that had some knowledge of VoIP, but unfortunately the proposal was still out of their budget. At that point Highlands Fellowship realized they needed the assistance of a VoIP expert who had the ability and knowledge to guide them to the right solution that fits within their budget and needs. That’s when they found VoIP Supply’s CloudSpan MarketPlace. VoIP Supply to the Rescue Our VoIP specialist conducted a free consultation with Highlands Fellowship and learned their special requirements including their financial constraints and the need of using Elastix server or Switchvox Appliance. Seeing that Patton units are highly compatible with Elastix server and have all the options to meet their requirements, our VoIP specialist suggested they build a system using Elastix server with Patton SN4118, 4-FXS, 4-FXO VoIP…

Customer Service Pain Points a UC Solution Can Solve

More than 70% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. When a customer calls into The post Customer Service Pain Points a UC Solution Can Solve appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk