IP-DECT erobert die Business Class – Neues Profi-DECT-System

IP-DECT erobert die Business Class – Neues Profi-DECT-System Die neuen COMfortel IP-DECT Phones stehen für hochwertige Verarbeitung, schickes Design und ausgezeichnete Performance. Das COMfortel M-520 ist perfekt für den Einsatz in der professionellen Geschäftskommunikation geeignet. Durch seine schlanke Bauart und das große Display, passt es ausgezeichnet auf jeden Schreibtisch. Alle Der Originalartikel IP-DECT erobert die Business Class – Neues Profi-DECT-System wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

You’re Still Using A Business Communication System at Work?

Back in April, I wrote a blog about using phones at work. There are many reasons I wrote it, but mostly they related to all this “noise” I read about The post You’re Still Using A Business Communication System at Work? appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

AudioCodes C450HD: Toggle between Teams and Skype for Business with One Single Click

Switching from SFB to Teams doesn’t need to be a hassle.  The C450HD supports single-click switchover between Microsoft Teams with native client experience and Skype for Business. So if you have Skype for Business you have the ability to easily switch over to Microsoft Teams! How neat is that? You can easily click Skye for Business from Teams or from the other way around to toggle between both. The AudioCodes C450HD IP Phone is a native Microsoft Teams high-end business phone for the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business market. It features a  5” color touch screen and full UC integration.  AudioCodes C450HD Microsoft Teams Phone Features 8 line, 8 concurrent calls per line 5” color TFT screen (1280 x 720) with multi-lingual support Touch screen user interface enabling up to 8 programmable keys Gbe Support 2x USB headset support Expansion module support Wi-Fi support available Click Here to download the AudioCodes 400HD Series IP Phones datasheet. Give our VoIP Experts a call at 1-800-398-8647 for more information to learn more about the AudioCodes C450HD Microsoft Teams Phone. The post AudioCodes C450HD: Toggle between Teams and Skype for Business with One Single Click appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider

Conference Call – the best solution for business meetings

Conference calls are considered one of the most effective tools for business meetings with no boundaries or physical presence. Their simplicity and high accessibility turned them into a much favored medium for daily business communication.  Learn about the advantages of conference calls and how the business benefits of them. Find useful tips on how to host effective business meetings over the phone. The post Conference Call – the best solution for business meetings appeared first on MIXvoip: Smart Business Telephony, Cloud SIP and Internet solutions. MIXvoip: Smart Business Telephony, Cloud SIP and Internet solutions

IVR system for your business; is it the best choice?

IVR system for your business; is it the best choice? IVR systems have become widespread over the last decade. Subject of endless debates, this technology is a perfect solution to some and a less useful one to others. Let’s take a quick look at this omnipresent tool of call centers. Professionals working in call centers will tell you that the development of IVR has completely changed their trade (link). And the methods that are used to manage calls. Over the last years, the interactive voice response systems have become widespread. And now it forms the true backbones of call centers. Quick reminder: an IVR is a computer system that automatically processes the telephone calls received by a company. Callers are presented with several options that they can interact with. By pressing 1, or pressing 2 on their phone etc. the callers share valuable information. According to that choice the call is transferred to the proper department, or automatic information is provided. Cutting-edge technologies further can be integrated in some of these architectures. They can offer voice recognition, artificial intelligence and speech synthesis systems. A relief for businesses Generally, callers are identified and categorized when they call, benefiting from personalized assistance. Companies can even choose to program a hierarchical protocol amongst…

Professionelle Erreichbarkeit mit COMfortel Mobile Business

Die neue FMC-App von Auerswald COMfortel Mobile Business ist nun kostenlos im App Store und auf Google Play erhältlich. Doch wer kann die App sinnvoll einsetzen und wofür steht die Abkürzung FMC? COMfortel Mobile Business schafft eine beinahe nahtlose Integration von Festnetztelefonie und mobiler Kommunikation und ist damit ein perfektes Der Originalartikel Professionelle Erreichbarkeit mit COMfortel Mobile Business wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

Resellers: Add Cloud Services to Grow Your Business

Over the last few years, cloud computing services have dominated the information technology market. Cloud has become the go-to solution for various products and services, including business communications. Now that The post Resellers: Add Cloud Services to Grow Your Business appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Blog Series: Business Challenges solved by Cloud CollaborationPart 1 – Connecting Highly Mobile Employees

In this four-part blog series we’ll explore the top business challenges solved by cloud-based video collaboration. Part one focuses on connecting highly mobile employee roles that can be found in any industry, like field sales, field services, and consultants. And some industries have even greater needs for reliable mobile collaboration, like manufacturing, oil & gas, and healthcare. As organizations seek to optimize field operations, the adoption of BYOD mobile collaboration is expanding. According to a recent report published by Nemertes Research1, 32.5% of enterprise employees now use WLAN, cellular, or other forms of wireless as their primary network technology. This ups the ante when it comes to video-enabling mobile users for business collaboration, because mobile and wireless networks are often unpredictable in terms of performance. The definition of mobile video collaboration is expanding as well: mobile collaboration is no longer limited to smartphones and tablets. There are emerging mobile use cases, like “see-what-I-see” field services applications leveraging smart glasses, drones and more. According to ABI Research2 the enterprise wearables market is exploding and expected to reach $ 18 billion by 2019. Many IT managers are turning to cloud to video-enable mobile devices for employees. But not every video conferencing cloud is the same when it comes to delivering video that…

5 Tips to Grow your VoIP Reseller Business

Everyone is always looking for ways to grow their VoIP reseller business and the industry can be a very competitive field. We have been in the VoIP business for awhile and have seen plenty of changes. Here are 5 tips we want to pass on to you make sure you’re doing everything you can to grow!   Pro Tip #1: Partner with manufacturers who offer top tier support You want to partner with manufacturers and tier 1 distributors who offer the same customer service and support as you do with your customers. Although, price can be a heavy factor, try to weigh all the other value add aspects a partner can bring to you. Get a good idea of their whole process. Here are some questions I would ask: What percentages of packages ship same day? Do you handle the returns or will I be dealing directly with a manufacturer? How is technical support handled? What is the return time of a voicemail or email to my account manager? Will I have a dedicated account representative?   Pro Tip #2: Take advantage of all marketing materials and educational documents available to you Ideally you would like to work with a partner that has marketing materials for you to use and…

Why Choose Skype for Business over Skype?

When it comes to Skype for Business, a common question we often hear is – we already have Skype account. Why do we need Skype for Business? As you may know, Skype for Business is the business version of regular Skype that offers more office applications for business usage. In this blog, we will focus on three key benefits to explain why you should choose Skype for Business over regular Skype: Cloud PBX, Expanded Capability, Stricter Security Control.   Cloud  PBX for Easy Management Skype for Business is designed for easy management. You can easily record and store your audio/ video conversation history in a Cloud system that allows you to access and manage from anywhere. Instant messages can also be stored in a separate email folder for future usage.   Expanded Capability If you need to conduct a large meeting/ webinar with more than 25 attendees, Skype might be too limited to meet your need. With Skype for Business, you are able to accommodate up to 250 people at the same time. Some new features now available in Skype for Business are: Skype Meeting Broadcast, which users can use to broadcast meetings for up to 10,000 people in a large webinar. PSTN Conference (or Dial-in conference) that lets your…

Avaya Business Partner, Cross Telecom Leads the Industry with New Certifications

As an Avaya National Platinum Business Partner and Platinum DevConnect Partner, Cross Telecom has developed a strategic relationship with Avaya that is quite distinctive. Cross Telecom has attained the highest level of certification offered to an Avaya business partner and has demonstrated an unsurpassed dedication to their partnership with Avaya. Cross Telecom has recently achieved numerous high level technical certifications that have set them apart as an Avaya business partner and allowed them to provide their customers with the world’s finest integrated communications solutions. Avaya’s Agile Communication Environment (ACE) Installation & Configuration Full Service Accreditation for Avaya Business Partners Leading-edge Avaya business partner, Cross Telecom has achieved full sales, implementation and service certifications for Avaya’s Agile Communication Environment (ACE). ACE facilitates customers in improving business efficiency by eradicating delays that are associated with business processes that are people dependent and by minimizing the time related to repetitive duties. Avaya recently announced ACE as it’s application development and delivery system that is an fundamental component of the Avaya/Nortel integrated roadmap. This means that Avaya business partner Cross Telecom is now a qualified expert in providing the complete array of implementation, support and integration services. Cross Telecom has substantially invested in outstanding professional service resources and has refined its delivery of services,…

Business Voip Provider

You know that your business needs voip and searching for a business voip provider. Several factors make up a good business voip provider. You’ll need to find the business voip provider that has the voip services you need. Consider this in selecting your business voip provider: Business VoIP Provider Costs You already know that voip phone services cost much less than the regular phone service. Lucky for you, because there are so many business voip provider today, the competition is high and the prices are lower to make the voip services more appealing. Your best bet is to make a list of your voip service requirements and business voip provider needs. Compare-contrast between the business voip provider that can give those voip phone services. Now, that you have a list of the lowest cost business voip provider, acknowledge other factors that matter in a business voip provider. Business Voip Provider Services Your business voip provider may have the voip services you need, but are the services given in a quality manner? Even above your need for low costs, is your business need for a business voip provider who gives quality service. How is the quality of the Voice Over? There should be no static or interference and no sound-time-delay in…

Bridging Skype to Business Telephony with Asterisk PBX

With outsourcing being in trend these days, talking to clients sitting in a foreign county regularly has become important. However, making calls overseas frequently is not something which is practically possible from the monetary point of view, right? As a result, Skype has come out with solutions to make our life easier and peaceful. Skype allows for low-cost calling to landlines and mobile phones and free calling to more than 400 million registered Skype users around the world using Skype for Asterisk. Skype for Asterisk provides Asterisk PBX solutions to make, receive, and transfer Skype calls.Skype for Asterisk is attuned with Asterisk 1.4, Asterisk 1.6, AsteriskNOW, and Asterisk Business Edition and supports both G.711 and G.729a calling. Skype and hosted Asterisk provide a low cost telephony options. Skype for Asterisk combines with the Skype community and provides the following benefits to its customers:Benefits of using Skype for Asterisk* Using Skype for Asterisk, you can make Skype-to-Skype calls.* It allows you to receive calls with online numbers (SkypeIn).* Using Skype for Asterisk PBX, you can make world-wide PSTN calls to landline and mobile phones. * It allows doing and receiving several parallel Skype calls from the same Skype account.* Skype for Asterisk PBX has DTMF support for incoming and outgoing calls.*…