Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement

Companies today go above and beyond to ensure a highly differentiated customer experience to maintain and elevate their brand. Customers interact with brands at different points and through various channels throughout their relationship. A well-handled interaction through video chat can increase brand loyalty and bring to light unexpected opportunities to build rapport while reducing customer  Read More The post Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Ransomware : l’une des plus grandes menaces du Web

Depuis vendredi, des centaines de milliers d’ordinateurs sous Windows dans 250 pays ont été infectés par WannaCry aussi appelé WannaCrypt our WCry, un ransomware, logiciel de rançon ou racket en français, qui encrypte des fichiers sur un PC ou même sur un réseau. Selon Europol, c’est la plus grosse attaque de ransomware à ce jour.   Un peu d’histoire Le premier ransomware est apparu en 1989 et s’appelait AIDS ou PC Cyborg Trojan. Le virus était envoyé à ses victimes par le biais d’une disquette. Il comptait le nombre de redémarrage du PC et arrivé à 90, il encryptait la machine et demandait à l’utilisateur de renouveler sa licence avec PC Cyborg Corporation. Les premiers ransomware était assez simple et se contentait de changer les noms des fichiers. Il était relativement facile de résoudre les problèmes causés. Depuis, le ransomware a évolué pour devenir une nouvelle forme de criminalité utilisant des techniques de cryptographie avancée pour bloquer un ordinateur infecté.   Comment se propage un ransomware ? Le ransomware exploite une faille connue du système d’exploitation (en l’occurrence pour WannaCry Windows) pour pénétrer les systèmes et se propager sur les réseaux des organisations. Il infecte un PC via une pièce jointe provenant d’un email souvent envoyé par un expéditeur inconnu.…

[Webinar] FreePBX and PBXact Disaster Recovery Planning

WEBINAR: Disaster Recovery Planning for FreePBX & PBXact from Sangoma on Vimeo. Let’s face it. We are all afraid of catastrophic failure of our communications system. What if I told you, to fear or not to fear, you are in control? Take the appropriate precautions, you can turn a full business shut down to just a minimal impact to your daily operation. Check out this Sangoma Webinar to learn the best practices for protecting your business against a catastrophic disaster that will minimize impact to your business during a failure event. You will also learn the Sangoma products available for Disaster Recovery, focusing on the FreePBX/ PBXact phone systems. Don’t want to start protecting your business communications system! Learn more about FreePBX and PBXact UC phone systems. The post [Webinar] FreePBX and PBXact Disaster Recovery Planning appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider

freeswicth ansible role 2.0 just released

Je viens de publier la nouvelle version du role ansible permettant une installation / mise à jour automatisée de FreeSwitch avec plusieurs bonus optionnels comme fail2ban, sngrep … Le role est fait pour fonctionner exclusivement avec Debian Jessie. J’intégrerai Stretch le moment venu. Contrairement à la version précédente, l’installation se fait à partir des paquets fournis par la team FreeSwitch (je suis leurs recommandations). L’utilisation est présentée dans le README. Vous le trouverez dans la galaxy ansible : N’hésitez pas à me faire des retours. Note : le repo officiel est hébergé par framagit : même si une copie existe sur github pour ansible-galaxy.   Modifications : 12/04/2017 : v2.1 : mise à jour du kernel via les backports (performance) / installation de locales spécifiques / installation de paquets complémentaires – Ces 3 fonctions sont désactivées par défaut. Autres articles à lire: Ansible : Freeswitch role : nouvelle version – v1.1 Ansible : installation automatisée de Freeswitch Ubuntu… Ansible : freeswitch role – installation et… Installation FreeSwitch sur Ubuntu automatisée Comparatif des versions des paquets dans ubuntu 14.04 et… Cet article freeswicth ansible role 2.0 just released est apparu en premier sur Blog des télécoms – Par Mathias, expert et formateur rédigé par Mathias. Blog des télécoms

COMpact 5500R – Das IP-System der Zukunft

Die Kommunikation der Zukunft hat einen Namen: COMpact 5500R! Unser neues ITK-System lässt das All-IP-Herz höherschlagen. Wir werden Euch auch sagen warum: Die neue VoIP Appliance Die COMpact 5500R ist der Newcomer im Hause Auerswald. Das vollmodulare ITK-System passt sich ganz deinem wachsenden Bedarf an: In der Basiskonfiguration ist sie Der Originalartikel COMpact 5500R – Das IP-System der Zukunft wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

Join Colt at the FISD Technology Forum

Colt’s Julie Hutchinson will be moderating a panel again. He is focusing on ‘Market Data Technology 2.0 – the customers’ perspective’ as part of the FISD Technology Forum in New York. The event will take place on April 27th at the Morgan Stanley offices. The panel will be  taking place from 4:00 – 4:45pm. It will explore firms’ perspectives on the evolution of market data technology and include representatives from RBC Capital Markets, PVE Consulting, JP Morgan and Citi. It will also explore how the Cloud, Big Data, AI and a newer breed of providers are shaking the foundations of the longstanding IT infrastructure that underpins deployed market data systems. Evolution or revolution – what does Market Data Technology version 2.0 look like.  And how are the problems of 2017 different from those in 1997 or even those from 1987? What do customers want going forwards and what are they being offered? A licensed market data vendor since integrating MarketPrizm, Colt offers market data feeds for major European, Asian and North American markets. Carrying more than 50 feeds from exchanges and liquidity venues for equities, derivatives, commodities and FX, Colt delivers market data at consistently low latencies even during periods of volatility. To find out more, please contact The post…

Plantronics Office Headset

Plantronics is a hardware company based in Santa Cruz, California, and specializes in light-weight headsets. After the huge success of its Bluetooth headsets, it has entered the market of office headsets with its Savi Office System (both wired and wireless). Here is a brief introduction to and review of the Plantronics office headsets and their effectiveness. Plantronics Office Headset: Technical Advantage The Plantronics Savi Office system consists of a base unit and a couple of headsets. The whole system is packed in a black and silver casing, which gives it a distinct professional appearance. The base unit is around 3.9 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep, 3.7 inches tall. The headsets include noise-canceling and DECT 6.0 technology to give calls a crisp and clear reception. The ear gel helps the ear piece feel much more comfortable, although some users may find this type of headset difficult to get used to if it is their first time using ear gel headsets. Savi Office has a massive roaming range of up to 350 feet, add to this the ability of automatic power adjustment based on the distance from the base station and you have sufficient talk time between charges. Its average battery life is 9 hours for the convertible headset and 6 hours…

Why did fail?

With the advancements in technology, nearly everything can be planned in advance including hotels, doctors appointments, restaurants, with a simple click of a button. WiAiPi (pronounced VIP) tried to take advantage of this and go one step further so people could book their place in a nightclub ready for their arrival, why not? The whole project started with a team of just four; a designer, a programmer, and two others that knew the Luxembourg night scene like the back of their hand having experienced it over time as DJ’s and as party-goers. When we were approached, they were actually surprisingly quite far forward in the process and were eager to push forward and get going. They had already considered what packages will be offered by the clubs and how customers will pay securely online as well as having printed business cards and drawn up contracts for nightclubs should they be interested in the idea. We were pleasantly surprised by the focus and the drive of the team and they looked ready to go with a bit of investment which led to our first mistake; not questioning the idea far enough. Corpoinvest already had a company to the name that was sitting idly so we decided to use that as it…

MiFID II & enregistrement des conversations : réussir l’implémentation d’une nouvelle politique interne (2/2)

Le compte à rebours est lancé pour les professionnels du secteur financier qui doivent mettre en application la directive MiFID II au 1er janvier 2018. Son champ d’application très étendu est guidé par la volonté de transparence et de traçabilité des transactions financières opérées par des sociétés d’investissement. De nouvelles obligations doivent être respectées en matière d’archivage des conversations entre clients et conseillers en investissement.   A l’heure où les professionnels du secteur doivent valider leurs réponses opérationnelles, voici les 6 étapes clés pour implémenter une nouvelle politique d’enregistrement des données : 1. Identifier les services en contact avec le client Il n’y a pas lieu d’enregistrer toutes les conversations internes à votre entreprise. Il convient de lister les services qui travaillent en front office et sont susceptibles de contribuer à la signature d’un contrat.   2. Lister les personnes dont les conversations doivent être enregistrées Au sein des services concernés par la politique d’enregistrement, des personnes peuvent-elles être exclues ? Des indépendants doivent-ils être ajoutés ? Chaque individu peut-il indiquer une série de personnes qui ne sont pas ses clients et pour lesquels les enregistrements doivent être proscrits ?   3. Fournir un moyen de stockage adéquat L’hébergement des données est soumis à la norme PSF. Il peut être…

Angriffe auf die IP-Telefonie – Wie schütze ich mich?

Die IP-Telefonie findet dank besserer Sprachqualität, umfangreicheren Komfortfunktionen und nachhaltiger Kosteneinsparungen zunehmend Verbreitung. Immer mehr Menschen steigen von ISDN auf IP-Telefonie um und das Interesse bei Angreifern steigt. Jeder sollte sich also mit dem Thema Sicherheitsvorkehrungen auseinandersetzen – dafür ist es wichtig zu verstehen, wie IP-Telefonie funktioniert und welche Schwachstellen die Angreifer ausnutzen. Der Originalartikel Angriffe auf die IP-Telefonie – Wie schütze ich mich? wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

VoIP News! The Latest on Several New Releases from Grandstream, Gearing Up for Channel Partner 2017 and more!

  Things have been pretty busy over at Grandstream HQ as they have recently released a few new products! Grandstream has expanded their large VoIP catalog once again with the release of the GDS3710 IP Video Door System. This is an easy to manage surveillance solution that integrates with your IP communications and features a powerful 1080p video resolution! Grandstream also released the GWN 7000 Enterprise Multi-WAN VPN Router is a features-rich powerful tool for any business and can be shared across one or many different physical locations!   Another new product released by Grandstream is the GWN7600 WiFi Access Point. This is a mid-level access point for small sized businesses or multiple floor offices and providers dual-band network throughput and expanded WiFi coverage range. All of these products are available to order now! As April is rapidly approaching, VoIP Supply is getting ready to exhibit at Channel Partners 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas! This will take place April 10th to the 13th and we will be focusing heavily on our Partner and Fulfillment Programs. If you are attending the show, please stop by booth 250 and say hello! We will be there to answer any questions you might have and we will…

Survey Says: Video Collaboration is the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking

The financial services industry is at a crossroads, as advancements in consumer-facing and mobile technologies are changing how we do just about everything, from how we manage our work to our health, finances and more. How will banks, credit unions and other financial institutions remain competitive and innovative in a time when customer expectations are  Read More The post Survey Says: Video Collaboration is the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

How Slack optimised MIXvoip’s team communication

Starting a business can be a scary process and for many, failure is just a matter of time because their costs are too high. Keeping expenditure to a minimum is vital for the success of any business, whether startup or even a more mature venture, and so it is important to find efficient practices moving forward into the future. One method of keeping costs down is the improvement of employee communication, a process that has become easier over time due to the introduction of the ‘cloud’ concept. One of the main IT services that has seen tremendous growth in recent years isslack.comand this is the system that was tested recently byMIXvoip. What Is Slack? At its core, Slack is a web chat solution with similarities to the old IRC services which will help some people feel at home almost instantly; Slack offers a number of API’s and possibilities for integration too. Communication between employees and with the management has never been easier than with the web version plus the free downloadable mobile app. This system will allow any workforce to become extremely efficient therefore making the whole business profitable as it is pushed in the right direction. The ‘#general’ channel allows employees to discuss their weekends and what they got…

HR management and technology: between science fiction and reality

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to Jacques Froissant, CEO of the recruitment agency Altaïde, about technology in the human resources sector. According to him, “2017 will see the multiplication of artificial intelligence and chatbots within the recruitment industry. Including applicant relationship management, CV sorting, sourcing, appointment scheduling, and even personality assessment!” Since the beginning of computers and, later, of the Internet, technology has been playing a growing role in human resources management and recruitment. So where did we start and where are we going?   From human resources management to recruitment Today, when you think about technology in the human resources management, some elements come to mind quite easily: posting offers on job boards, using social media to advertise your company as a good employer, building a career page on your website… Let’s not forget that before that, when technology was young, still wild and untamed, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) became “a thing”, there were payroll management systems, employee career and talent management platforms, time and benefits management tools, etc. HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) being alive and well, the most recent steps forward of technology, within the world of human resources, have been about adapting the recruitment industry to the arrival of digital…

Vivaldi : découverte du navigateur performant, sécurisé et sur mesure

Une vidéo présentant le navigateur web multi-plateforme Vivaldi. Un des créateurs de Opera, déçu par l’orientation du projet, a créé ce navigateur en ayant pour objectif de le rendre aussi souple que l’était Opera à ses débuts, sécurisé et performant. Basé sur le moteur de chromium, il accepte les extensions de chrome. Devant la lourdeur de Firefox, l’affiliation de Chrome avec Google, Vivaldi semble un vraie bonne alternative.   J’utilise ce navigateur depuis plusieurs mois en alternant parfois avec Chromium et Firefox, et je dois bien avouer que je l’apprécie de plus en plus. De plus, ses défauts de jeunesse semble maintenant oubliés. Il est tout simplement en train de devenir mon butineur préféré. Autres articles à lire: téléphone Jolla : premières impressions Mistserver : installation sous Ubuntu Comment sécuriser Firefox avec quelques paramètres dans… Quelles traces laissent mon navigateur sur internet ? Lightbeam : voir les sites qui nous traquent à notre insu Cet article Vivaldi : découverte du navigateur performant, sécurisé et sur mesure est apparu en premier sur Blog des télécoms – Par Mathias, expert et formateur rédigé par Mathias. Blog des télécoms

Auerswald IP-Telefone mit BroadWorks kompatibel

Wir haben einen wichtigen Schritt zur weiteren Internationalisierung unserer Geschäftsbereiche unternommen: Unsere IP-Telefone COMfortel 1400 IP, COMfortel 2600 IP und COMfortel 3600 IP haben die Prüfung auf Interoperabilität mit der VoIP-Plattform BroadWorks von BroadSoft erfolgreich bestanden. Doch was genau heißt das eigentlich? BroadSoft und BroadWorks BroadSoft ist einer der weltweit führenden Der Originalartikel Auerswald IP-Telefone mit BroadWorks kompatibel wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

hhpberlin case study

  Enabling Fire in the Cloud hhpberlin is a globally acclaimed engineering firm offering fire protection services. Their challenge was to offer secure, complex fire simulations in the cloud without using the public internet. Colt provided secure, private connectivity known as Dedicated Cloud Acesss, to connect them to Microsoft Azure. hhpberlin was founded in 2000 with 10 employees, Today it leads the European fire protection market and employs over 180 people and continues to grow rapidly. hhpberlin is convicned that this growth was made possible by collaborating with Colt and with Microsoft.   Stefan Truthaen, CEO, hhpberlin: We’re very pleased with the customer service, infrastructure and expertise of Colt, and we’re moving our entire organizational structure to the cloud. Dedicated Cloud Access is the last piece of the puzzle and has enabled us to move completely off-premise.       Download the full case study colt_case-study_hhpberlin_en   The post hhpberlin case study appeared first on Colt Blog – Colt

Lux-Ps – Full of Potential, Difficult to Scale

Lux-Ps entered a huge European market in second-hand cars; as a result of the sheer size of the industry, each country offers their own related rules and regulations. I found a niche very quickly though as the Italians were put off big cars due to the tax and I found a market for them in Denmark. My partner and I decided to try a test run by going to Italy, buying two large cars, taking them to Denmark, and selling them for a profit; it worked like a treat. We decided to then take the next step and get in contact with dealers in Denmark that needed these sorts of vehicles; with my Danish-speaking partner in tow, we targeted big dealers for a number of cars per week. The important part of this process was finding the right cars because wasting money on a poor car will offset the money made on up to 5 successful ones. I have been into a cars from a very young age, have always repaired my own vehicles and have spent a lot of time around older cars but I knew I couldn’t take this for granted because second-hand cars are easily tampered with. If I wasn’t careful, I could have bought a car…

Digium Introduces the D80 Touchscreen IP Phone

Digium kicked off the opening of ITEXPO with the release of the D80 IP Phone, an HD touchscreen desk phone for businesses who are looking for a high-quality phone at an affordable price. Yes, you heard it right, the words quality and affordable in the same sentence isn’t that amazing! The D80 features a 7-inch HD display with multi-point capacitive touchscreen, 100 rapid dial/busy lamp field (BLF) entries, dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit network ports and advanced touch-optimized applications. This model is perfect for users who want an easy-to-use interface with the highest level of quality. Digium phones support plug-and-play provisioning. Simply plug the phones in, automatically discover your Asterisk or Switchvox server, select the user, and start talking! Features 7-inch, High Definition (HD), 800 x 1280 pixel backlit color LCD display Multi-Point capacitive touch-screen display 1-line appearance 20 on-screen Rapid Dial / BLF keys, scrollable to 100 Feature and context-sensitive functions Headset, speaker and mute functions 2-color LED Message Waiting Indicator Volume control 2P2C handset jack Electronic Hookswitch port Wireless Headset support (coming soon) 2 switched 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports 802.3at/af Power over Ethernet 5-volt DC power port The D80 IP Phone comes with a one year warranty and the minimum software requirements are Switchvox 6.3.5 and DPMA 3.4. The D80…

Citrix Summit 2017 – notes from the field

La semaine passée j’ai eu la chance de participer au Citrix Summit 2017 à Anaheim (CA). Malgré une météo peu favorable (la Californie sous la pluie ne surpasse pas notre petit coin de Luxembourg), les keynotes, sessions et moments de socialisations n’en furent pas moins riches et variés !   Retour sur 3 éléments qui m’ont particulièrement marqués :   1. Cloud First ! Comme de nombreux éditeurs, Citrix a opéré sa transformation Cloud sur l’année 2016, et le train est définitivement en marche. Fort de leur collaboration étroite et de longue date, Microsoft et Citrix se sont associés pour fournir divers services de virtualisation d’applications et postes de travail dans le Cloud, basées sur Azure avec un branding 100% Citrix. La nouvelle solution, appelée Citrix Cloud¹, est un panneau de contrôle permettant de gérer toutes les technologies Citrix. Cette approche basée sur le Cloud implique une infrastructure réduite, un contrôle centralisé et des mises à jour de type SaaS, réduisant ainsi coûts d’administration et complexité. L’évolution des produits Citrix dans le Cloud se passe sous la forme de micro releases tous les 15 jours, permettant aux utilisateurs de bénéficier des toutes dernières fonctionnalités. Divers centres de delivery existent dans le monde – probablement Amsterdam et Dublin pour EMEA ;…

FAZ-Umfrage: Die Prioritäten in der Digitalisierung

Die FAZ hat frisch zum Jahresbeginn Umfrageergebnisse von Familienunternehmen und großen Unternehmen zur Digitalisierung veröffentlicht. Das Fazit: Familienunternehmen haben andere Ziele vor Augen. cloud world blog

Thema VoIP: Lasst uns über IP-Telefonie sprechen

Die klassische Telefonie mit Analog- und ISDN-Technik neigt sich dem Ende: Bis 2018 sollen nach Aussage der Deutschen Telekom alle Anschlüsse auf All-IP umgestellt sein. Doch was genau versteckt sich hinter dem „neuen“ Standard? IP-Telefonie steht für Internet-Protokoll-Telefonie und wird oftmals auch als Voice over IP (VoIP) oder Internet-Telefonie bezeichnet. Es Der Originalartikel Thema VoIP: Lasst uns über IP-Telefonie sprechen wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

Choose VoIP and Sip Termination Services from Reliable Sip Trunk Providers

If you want to get the best VoIP and Sip termination services, choosing the best SIP trunk provider would be your only option. However these days, choosing the most reliable SIP trunk provider can cost you too much time and energy since you have to devote much of it to calling each and every provider. We all have to work, run the business, and reap the benefits all together so finding SIP trunk providers should be done fast. A Little Research can help If you are looking for a provider that will offer SIP termination services a little research could go a long way. There are so many SIP trunk providers that get built and established every day and this can make matters even worse, and make it harder for you to find the best one out there. Try to run down information from telecommunication sites and visit their discussion boards and forums. You might be able to get reviews and feedbacks from users with a similar problem as yours. And they might even be able to suggest and recommend certain SIP trunk providers to do the job. These information come from real users and real people who have experienced the same thing and are probably the best people to…

New Study Proves That Telemedicine Is Making our Healthcare System More Sustainable, Productive and Inclusive

As we embark on a new year, many of us start by thinking about making changes to our health and wellness goals, and how we can avoid visits to the doctor – both in the short term and as we get older. The truth is that, whether they’re due to smoking, depression or heart disease,  Read More The post New Study Proves That Telemedicine Is Making our Healthcare System More Sustainable, Productive and Inclusive appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

How Did Your Phone System Perform in 2016?

As the 2016 holiday season comes to a close and we prepare for the New Year, now is a good time to evaluate how your communications solution performed – not The post How Did Your Phone System Perform in 2016? appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Skype Ready Phones – Best Phones for Skype

Whether you are a current Skype user or you are just about to step into the Skype world, you may have already experienced or heard a lot of complaints about not being about to get Skype to function smoothly during the calls. In the blog: Improve Skype for Business Audio/Video Quality, we discussed the top factors that affect your Skype call quality. Choosing an ideal Skype-optimized phone is the first step to building a satisfactory Skype call experience. Here we highlight the best Skype ready phones at VoIP Supply that will take your communication to the next level!   What are the Best Skype Ready Phones? The Grandstream GXV 3240 is one of the most popular Skype phones that is designed for all size companies and Android smartphone users. It is a 6-line multimedia Gigabit VoIP video phone that comes with a 3-way video conferencing, a tiltable CMOS camera and HD audio/ voice. Combined the functionality of a multimedia platform with a 6-line video phone for an all-in-one voice, video, data, and mobility solution, the Grandstream GXV 3240 is the most powerful solution for users connecting from different channels. Popular Features: 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts including FREE IPVideoTalk account with video mail Phonebook with up to…

Yunohost : comment ajouter la liste des paquets de la communauté aux applications ?

/unohost permet d’installer simplement une solution d’auto-hébergement ciblant à la fois les particuliers mais aussi les petites entreprises afin de reprendre le contrôle de ses données : agenda, calendrier, fichiers, webmail … Une liste d’applications installables facilement via l’interface web d’administration de Yunohost est disponible. Ces applications sont validées par le équipe de Ynuhost. Mais, de nombreuses applications fort intéressantes sont mises à disposition par la communauté. Il faut les installer en intégrant l’url du repos git de celle-ci. Pas très compliqué !  Mais, afin d’éviter d’aller rechercher sur le wiki de Yunohost les applications disponibles, il peut-être intéressant de les retrouver dans cette même page. Pour activer les applications Yunohost gérées par la communauté, il faut taper en ligne de commande : sudo yunohost app fetchlist -n community -u Vous avez maintenant accès à la liste des applications de Yunohost et celles fournies par la communauté. Cette astuce permet aussi de bénéficier des mises à jour des applications communautaires. Notes de mise à jour de l’article : 16/09/2016 : précision sur la mise à dispo des MAJ (merci à LJF pour sa contribution) Autres articles à lire: Lancement du forum de support pour FreeSwitch DSL : non éligible ! quelles solutions ? Mistserver : installation sous Ubuntu FritzBox telnet: comment accéder à…

The case for a wider shared SDN ecosystem

With each advancement of technology customers become ever more demanding. Network services customers want a flexible bandwidth profile capable of meeting the demands of continually changing traffic profiles caused by offshored cloud applications. And they want a globalised WAN service to complement it. But current SDN deployments are missing a piece of the puzzle, the ability to easily provision services on network that is not owned by the service provider. SDN based network management is the key to both flexibility and globalisation but there is no service provider with a complete global reach. This limits the potential benefits of SDN deployments with the end user only being able to quickly provision network along the host carrier’s infrastructure. And where it may be possible, scalability and the ability to tailor the speed of a new connection is often very difficult if not impossible. As SDN gains traction and more use cases, end users are going to demand greater reach as demand grows. In fact, at Colt we already have customers asking about the reach of our on demand services, but the response is somewhat limited due to complicated network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) industry wide. Current NNIs tend to be bespoke solutions, meaning they are both expensive and take a long time to…

iOS en entreprise : une prédominance qui s’appuie sur 3 fondamentaux

Trois ans après l’arrivée d’Apple sur le marché de l’entreprise avec l’iOS 7, de plus en plus de sociétés semblent séduites par les services offerts par le géant américain en termes de mobilité. L’étude du cabinet Deloitte, associant technologies mobiles d’un côté et usages en entreprise et sécurité de l’autre, révèle la prédominance de l’iOS dans les entreprises luxembourgeoises. En décembre 2015, 50% des grandes sociétés autorisaient ainsi l’accès à leurs données d’entreprise aux appareils iOS. Une portion non négligeable.   Depuis 2013, une certaine confiance s’est instaurée autour des services Apple. Ces derniers reposent sur trois besoins distincts : sécuriser, gagner en productivité et déployer rapidement.   #1 | Ouvrir des possibilités de contrôle avec le MDM C’est la première fonctionnalité sur laquelle a travaillé Apple. Afin de contrôler un device, il faut nécessairement une solution de Mobile Device Management (MDM). Cette solution va « attaquer » les API du device dans le but de contrôler différentes fonctionnalités et mettre en place des restrictions et des configurations. Parmi les services disponibles, on peut citer : la gestion des applications et l’extension des fonctions de MDM associées ; la configuration du VPN on demand ; la mise en place du Single Sign-On (SSO). Entre la version iOS 7 et la…

Newstour 2016 Snapshots

Die Newstour 2016 geht vom 11. Oktober – 17. November. Wir besuchen 14 Stationen in Deutschland, drei in Österreich und eine in der Schweiz. Hier gibt es alles Live und in Farbe! Alle Standorte, alle Bilder immer frisch und aktuell: Der Originalartikel Newstour 2016 Snapshots wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog