How to Sell Grandstream’s WP Series WiFi Phones

We were excited to host a webinar with Grandstream this month to talk about their new WP Series WiFi phones and how all Grandstream devices work together to build a WiFi communication network!

Download the Presentation Slides Here

Grandstream’s WP Series WiFi Phones

Grandstream’s WP Series offers portable, cordless WiFi IP phones. These compact and lightweight WiFi phones come with 2 SIP accounts, seamless roaming support, dual-band WiFi and more advanced features: 

  • Portable, Cordless Wi-Fi IP phones
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi, 2 lines/SIP accounts
  • Offers simple and manageable scalability
  • Seamless roaming support
  • Compact and lightweight
  • WP810: The most affordable Wi-Fi IP phone on the market

What’s the difference between Grandstream WP810 & WP820?

The WP Series includes two WiFi phones, the WP810 & WP820. The WP820 is an enterprise version of the WP Series. It runs on Android 7, offers longer talk time (7.5 hours), larger screen (2.4’’), built-in Bluetooth, and more advanced features. See a comparison chart below:

The WP Series is ideal for remote workers for several reasons:

  • Highest-quality wireless phones for remote workers 
  • Most homes have Wi-Fi access 
  • Easy to setup and seamless roaming 
  • OpenVPN client built-in
  • Lightweight and compact – easy to transport 
  • Keep in touch with co-workers: PTT & 2 lines 
  • Later: Expands office network with wireless voice 
  • WP810: Scalable solution for Enterprise, Medical, logistics, security, etc.

The WP Series also integrates well with other Grandstream devices including the Access Points, Door Phones, Security Camera, and more. Building a true wireless environment with Grandstream is easy and secure!

Download our presentation slides here to learn more about the WP Series, cool features, and competitive analysis. 

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