How Slack optimised MIXvoip’s team communication

Starting a business can be a scary process and for many, failure is just a matter of time because their costs are too high. Keeping expenditure to a minimum is vital for the success of any business, whether startup or even a more mature venture, and so it is important to find efficient practices moving forward into the future.
One method of keeping costs down is the improvement of employee communication, a process that has become easier over time due to the introduction of the ‘cloud’ concept. One of the main IT services that has seen tremendous growth in recent years isslack.comand this is the system that was tested recently byMIXvoip.
What Is Slack?
At its core, Slack is a web chat solution with similarities to the old IRC services which will help some people feel at home almost instantly; Slack offers a number of API’s and possibilities for integration too. Communication between employees and with the management has never been easier than with the web version plus the free downloadable mobile app. This system will allow any workforce to become extremely efficient therefore making the whole business profitable as it is pushed in the right direction.
The ‘#general’ channel allows employees to discuss their weekends and what they got up to the previous night but after that, the system really comes into its element by offering a special channel for discussions relating to work problems and solutions. Furthermore, there are a number of stack overflow links to help with any problems that may arise.
Slack is also effective outside the office too; when a member of the sales team is on the road it can be tricky for them to touch base and this wastes valuable time and money, this is where MIXvoip found a great use for the system. It allowed the sales team to ask valuable questions, like ‘how many invoices does this customer have?’ and ‘can you activate a new number for a customer?’, and receive answers quicker than they would have done otherwise. The team member on the road has the simple task of clicking on the app and asking the question rather than ringing the phone and being held waiting in front of the customer. Waiting for answers whilst standing with a customer can become embarrassing and the customer starts to question how efficient the business is but this system may be the answer to this very problem.
Time can also be logged on the app via the special channels which can be extremely important for billing purposes; this allows invoices to be accurate and ultimately means that no income will be lost. This data will be kept safe and can also be used, along with the meta data, in order to produce invoices using Slack’s API. The process is also made simple by the fact that everything is kept all in one place meaning that as long as the program is open, you will be covered.
MIXvoipnow sees Slack as an important business tool as it has removed the risk of ‘lost emails’ which can cost businesses time and money. Only high-priority or customer-related emails reach the inboxes at MIXvoip now so that they can focus on offering the best service possible and therefore growing the business as quickly as possible. This experiment all started with the free version, there is no reason why any business, big or small, should pass up the chance to install this effective communication tool today!