Bridging Skype to Business Telephony with Asterisk PBX

With outsourcing being in trend these days, talking to clients sitting in a foreign county regularly has become important. However, making calls overseas frequently is not something which is practically possible from the monetary point of view, right? As a result, Skype has come out with solutions to make our life easier and peaceful. Skype allows for low-cost calling to landlines and mobile phones and free calling to more than 400 million registered Skype users around the world using Skype for Asterisk. Skype for Asterisk provides Asterisk PBX solutions to make, receive, and transfer Skype calls.
Skype for Asterisk is attuned with Asterisk 1.4, Asterisk 1.6, AsteriskNOW, and Asterisk Business Edition and supports both G.711 and G.729a calling. Skype and hosted Asterisk provide a low cost telephony options. Skype for Asterisk combines with the Skype community and provides the following benefits to its customers:
Benefits of using Skype for Asterisk
* Using Skype for Asterisk, you can make Skype-to-Skype calls.
* It allows you to receive calls with online numbers (SkypeIn).
* Using Skype for Asterisk PBX, you can make world-wide PSTN calls to landline and mobile phones.
* It allows doing and receiving several parallel Skype calls from the same Skype account.
* Skype for Asterisk PBX has DTMF support for incoming and outgoing calls.
* Skype for Asterisk provides the ability to read Skype profile fields from incoming calls.
* You can set and retrieve online status.
* It allows for privacy settings.
* It allows customers to call via a local online number.
* Using Skype for Asterisk PBX, you can communicate securely with free, high quality, encrypted Asterisk-to-Asterisk.
* It has the ability to handle incoming Skype calls using Asterisk applications such as voicemail, ACD, MeetMe conferencing, etc.
* Skype for Asterisk provides simultaneous access from both Asterisk and the Skype desktop client.
So, isn’t it a best deal for making international calls? Yes! Then just take the benefit of Skype for Asterisk and be on call as much as you want due to lower costs of Asterisk VOIP solution! Also, don’t forget to enjoy the benefits of the best application hosting solutions, such as hosted VOIP PBX, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. from Apps4Rent, which has become the preferred way for companies to implement business software.

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