We Must Humanize Healthcare, Now: An Exclusive Interview with Nick Adkins of the Pink Socks Tribe

The future of healthcare delivery is all about providing better access to high-quality care at lower costs. It’s quickly becoming reality through digital health technologies like telemedicine. Telehealth simplifies life for the patient and the provider, bringing back the human touch to what has often become an impersonal interaction. In fact, nearly 70% of organizations  Read More The post We Must Humanize Healthcare, Now: An Exclusive Interview with Nick Adkins of the Pink Socks Tribe appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Unpacking the latest expectations in DNS Security

Following the release of 2017 cyber-security studies by industry leaders including Cisco, Efficient IP, and Infoblox, it has become clear the face of DNS security is to change dramatically in the coming years. Cybercriminals are carrying out increasingly sophisticated– and profitable – attacks, revealing a clear need for organisations to evolve their approach to cybersecurity and embrace an industry-wide paradigm shift. With a view to advising our customers on how to best manage their DNS architectures, we’re taking a closer look at the suggested changes and what they mean for your infrastructure, starting with the basics.   What is DNS Security? The Domain Name System (DNS) is a crucial infrastructure used by almost every enterprise or organisation in its day-to-day business. To put it simply, DNS maps Internet domain names to IP numbers in the same way that a phone book matches a name with a number. Despite being one of the most critical elements in the network to deliver IT services, it is not always efficiently protected and is increasingly the target of cyber-attacks designed to cause business damage, service degradation or even downtime. The reality is that most security solutions have simply not been designed to deal with threats to the DNS infrastructure. Another important thing to remember…

Webinar: Voice On Demand for resellers

Revolutionise your Voice Services with Voice on Demand A successful customer service operation boosts customer satisfaction, increases loyalty and delivers on expectations; and your customers communicate with their end customers in a multitude of ways but voice is still the most vital channel. Expanding on our comprehensive voice reseller portfolio, our new Voice On Demand portal allows you to take full control of our voice services providing a centralised portal to manage and order IN numbers. Register today for our webinar where you will learn how the Voice on Demand Portal allows you to: Manage and deliver a variety of IN number types to your customers Manage your services in near real time in line with your customer’s dynamic business demands Access our B2B interface Cocom to facilitate end customer billing Easily expand to new countries with our regulatory compliant voice services. Featured Speakers: James Bonser, UK&IE Wholesale Sales Director Tim Cook, Voice Sales Specialist Director Register Here Blog – Colt