Etes-vous prêt pour la gestion unifiée des terminaux desktop et mobile ?

L’explosion des usages mobiles a nécessité de la part des entreprises le déploiement d’une stratégie d’Entreprise Mobility Management (EMM) pour assurer la sécurité et la gestion des configurations des appareils. Mais avec la multiplicité des devices et des systèmes d’exploitation, la mission se complexifie. Aujourd’hui, de nouvelles plateformes de supervision permettent de gérer tous les périphériques : mobile, desktop, tablette, via une solution unique. C’est le Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).   Faut-il contrôler et sécuriser l’ensemble des terminaux mobiles et des postes de travail avec un même système ? Quels bénéfices peut-on attendre ? A qui ces solutions s’adressent-t-elles en priorité ? Faisons-le point.   De la gestion de l’appareil, à la gestion du contenu et des applications Il y a une dizaine d’années, le Mobile Device Management (MDM) a permis de surveiller et sécuriser les terminaux mobiles. L’entreprise établissait une politique à laquelle les utilisateurs étaient tenus de se conformer avant de pouvoir se connecter au réseau. En cas de perte ou de vol d’un terminal, la solution permettait de gérer à distance le verrouillage de l’appareil ou l’effacement de son contenu.   Avec l’éruption de la révolution mobile, les salariés doivent pouvoir travailler n’importe où et à n’importe quel moment, depuis un appareil professionnel ou personnel. Pour accompagner ce profond changement, il a…

VoIP Supply Interviews SimpleWan to talk about their Upcoming Webinar and more!

Having visitors drop by the office is nothing new at VoIP Supply, and last week we got to spend the day with SimpleWan’s OEM Manager, Josh Haselhorst. Josh started off the day by leading some extremely valuable training sessions for our Sales and Marketing Team. Then we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch! Somewhere in between all of the action, we were able to steal Josh away for a quick interview to give you a preview of what they have to offer and what the upcoming webinar will be focused on. Josh was able to sum up the SimpleWan mission and give some insight on how great it has been to partner with us here at VoIP Supply! Please check out the interview above, and if you want to know more about SimpleWan, and what they offer the telecommunication world, register for our co-hosted webinar taking place June 27th at 2 pm! We hope to see you there! The post VoIP Supply Interviews SimpleWan to talk about their Upcoming Webinar and more! appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider

Dear enterprises; you’re running out of time

A recent Computing survey found that one third of UK businesses have no digital transformation strategy. Frankly, this research is worrying, to say the least, because enterprises need to embrace digital transformation to protect themselves from disruptors that have gone on to change the very industries that gave rise to them in the first place. AirBnB, Uber and Netflix to name just a few have ensured their place in history by disrupting industries in ways that many thought impossible. In their wake, they’ve left countless casualties. They say hindsight is 20/20, but we can always learn from the mistakes of those who have failed to embrace digital transformation. Kodak, once the largest camera manufacturer in the world was almost entirely displaced by digital photography because they rested on their laurels and failed to adopt new technology. But that’s an old story now. Today digital transformation can appear in much more subtle ways, the shift to the cloud, for instance. Just last week, Mary Meeker the influential internet guru who publishes the annual Internet Trends report, said: “Cloud adoption is reaching new heights and creating new opportunities.” Cloud zealous businesses are able to gain an edge over their traditional competitors through access to capabilities, processes and functions such as data mining…

Wir machen VoIP dynamisch: Firmware 6.8

Die neue Firmware 6.8 ist für die folgenden ITK-Systeme ab sofort verfügbar: COMpact 4000 COMpact 5000(R) COMpact 5200(R) COMpact 5500R COMmander 6000(R/RX) Was diese Version im Gepäck hat, schauen wir uns jetzt genauer an: VoIP-Kanäle Ab sofort müssen die VoIP-Kanäle nicht mehr exklusiv für eine Richtung (intern/extern) reserviert werden. Dieses Feature Der Originalartikel Wir machen VoIP dynamisch: Firmware 6.8 wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement

Companies today go above and beyond to ensure a highly differentiated customer experience to maintain and elevate their brand. Customers interact with brands at different points and through various channels throughout their relationship. A well-handled interaction through video chat can increase brand loyalty and bring to light unexpected opportunities to build rapport while reducing customer  Read More The post Video Chat Humanizes Digital Customer Engagement appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog