Angriffe auf die IP-Telefonie – Wie schütze ich mich?

Die IP-Telefonie findet dank besserer Sprachqualität, umfangreicheren Komfortfunktionen und nachhaltiger Kosteneinsparungen zunehmend Verbreitung. Immer mehr Menschen steigen von ISDN auf IP-Telefonie um und das Interesse bei Angreifern steigt. Jeder sollte sich also mit dem Thema Sicherheitsvorkehrungen auseinandersetzen – dafür ist es wichtig zu verstehen, wie IP-Telefonie funktioniert und welche Schwachstellen die Angreifer ausnutzen. Der Originalartikel Angriffe auf die IP-Telefonie – Wie schütze ich mich? wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

VoIP News! The Latest on Several New Releases from Grandstream, Gearing Up for Channel Partner 2017 and more!

  Things have been pretty busy over at Grandstream HQ as they have recently released a few new products! Grandstream has expanded their large VoIP catalog once again with the release of the GDS3710 IP Video Door System. This is an easy to manage surveillance solution that integrates with your IP communications and features a powerful 1080p video resolution! Grandstream also released the GWN 7000 Enterprise Multi-WAN VPN Router is a features-rich powerful tool for any business and can be shared across one or many different physical locations!   Another new product released by Grandstream is the GWN7600 WiFi Access Point. This is a mid-level access point for small sized businesses or multiple floor offices and providers dual-band network throughput and expanded WiFi coverage range. All of these products are available to order now! As April is rapidly approaching, VoIP Supply is getting ready to exhibit at Channel Partners 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas! This will take place April 10th to the 13th and we will be focusing heavily on our Partner and Fulfillment Programs. If you are attending the show, please stop by booth 250 and say hello! We will be there to answer any questions you might have and we will…

Survey Says: Video Collaboration is the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking

The financial services industry is at a crossroads, as advancements in consumer-facing and mobile technologies are changing how we do just about everything, from how we manage our work to our health, finances and more. How will banks, credit unions and other financial institutions remain competitive and innovative in a time when customer expectations are  Read More The post Survey Says: Video Collaboration is the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

How Slack optimised MIXvoip’s team communication

Starting a business can be a scary process and for many, failure is just a matter of time because their costs are too high. Keeping expenditure to a minimum is vital for the success of any business, whether startup or even a more mature venture, and so it is important to find efficient practices moving forward into the future. One method of keeping costs down is the improvement of employee communication, a process that has become easier over time due to the introduction of the ‘cloud’ concept. One of the main IT services that has seen tremendous growth in recent years isslack.comand this is the system that was tested recently byMIXvoip. What Is Slack? At its core, Slack is a web chat solution with similarities to the old IRC services which will help some people feel at home almost instantly; Slack offers a number of API’s and possibilities for integration too. Communication between employees and with the management has never been easier than with the web version plus the free downloadable mobile app. This system will allow any workforce to become extremely efficient therefore making the whole business profitable as it is pushed in the right direction. The ‘#general’ channel allows employees to discuss their weekends and what they got…

HR management and technology: between science fiction and reality

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to Jacques Froissant, CEO of the recruitment agency Altaïde, about technology in the human resources sector. According to him, “2017 will see the multiplication of artificial intelligence and chatbots within the recruitment industry. Including applicant relationship management, CV sorting, sourcing, appointment scheduling, and even personality assessment!” Since the beginning of computers and, later, of the Internet, technology has been playing a growing role in human resources management and recruitment. So where did we start and where are we going?   From human resources management to recruitment Today, when you think about technology in the human resources management, some elements come to mind quite easily: posting offers on job boards, using social media to advertise your company as a good employer, building a career page on your website… Let’s not forget that before that, when technology was young, still wild and untamed, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) became “a thing”, there were payroll management systems, employee career and talent management platforms, time and benefits management tools, etc. HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) being alive and well, the most recent steps forward of technology, within the world of human resources, have been about adapting the recruitment industry to the arrival of digital…

Vivaldi : découverte du navigateur performant, sécurisé et sur mesure

Une vidéo présentant le navigateur web multi-plateforme Vivaldi. Un des créateurs de Opera, déçu par l’orientation du projet, a créé ce navigateur en ayant pour objectif de le rendre aussi souple que l’était Opera à ses débuts, sécurisé et performant. Basé sur le moteur de chromium, il accepte les extensions de chrome. Devant la lourdeur de Firefox, l’affiliation de Chrome avec Google, Vivaldi semble un vraie bonne alternative.   J’utilise ce navigateur depuis plusieurs mois en alternant parfois avec Chromium et Firefox, et je dois bien avouer que je l’apprécie de plus en plus. De plus, ses défauts de jeunesse semble maintenant oubliés. Il est tout simplement en train de devenir mon butineur préféré. Autres articles à lire: téléphone Jolla : premières impressions Mistserver : installation sous Ubuntu Comment sécuriser Firefox avec quelques paramètres dans… Quelles traces laissent mon navigateur sur internet ? Lightbeam : voir les sites qui nous traquent à notre insu Cet article Vivaldi : découverte du navigateur performant, sécurisé et sur mesure est apparu en premier sur Blog des télécoms – Par Mathias, expert et formateur rédigé par Mathias. Blog des télécoms