Brauchen digitale Unternehmen junge Mitarbeiter?

Im Horizont erschien aktuell ein Artikel mit dem Titel “5 Gründe, warum Unternehmen auf junge Mitarbeiter setzen müssen”. Obwohl ich selbst nicht gerade zur alten Garde gehöre, möchte ich dennoch ein paar Argumente anbringen, warum die Intention gut, die Umsetzung jedoch falsch ist. cloud world blog

Digium Named to CRN 2016 Cloud Partner Program Guide

We are proud to announce that Digium has been named in the CRN 2016 Cloud Partner Program Guide! CRN’s Cloud Partner Program Guide is a compilation of the leading cloud The post Digium Named to CRN 2016 Cloud Partner Program Guide appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

1K0-001 polycom cve core Exam

1K0-001 and polycom cve core Exam covers the following examination descriptive which is as follows:Recognize an analog signal consists of Identify how a signal move, Recognize how a signal changes, Identify how a signal is translated and understand how an audio signal is measured.Next section is identify the difference between an analog and digital signal, Understand how a digital signal is created, recognizing sampling, compression and pulse code modulation, Recognize how a digital signal moves and how a digital signal is translated. Third topic is what video resolution is which includes Identify ‘high definition’ resolutions and Recognize resolutions provided by standard video codec. Fourth topic is what a standard is, including umbrella standards, another important topic is Identify H.323-related protocols sand what they are used for this consists of Recognize H.323 as an umbrella protocol, Identify SIP-related protocols , SIP message.Eighth topic is Identify network communication methods, such as the responsibilities of the OSI layers in the 7-layer model, the difference between the OSI and TCP/IP layer models and the position of a selection of standards within the TCP/IP mode. The second domain of 1K0-001 and polycom cve core Exam consists of Real Presence Platform Implementation which includes Demonstrate an understanding of implementation methods for Real Presence Platform solutions. Also…

Why did fail?

With the advancements in technology, nearly everything can be planned in advance including hotels, doctors appointments, restaurants, with a simple click of a button. WiAiPi (pronounced VIP) tried to take advantage of this and go one step further so people could book their place in a nightclub ready for their arrival, why not? The whole project started with a team of just four; a designer, a programmer, and two others that knew the Luxembourg night scene like the back of their hand having experienced it over time as DJ’s and as party-goers. When we were approached, they were actually surprisingly quite far forward in the process and were eager to push forward and get going. They had already considered what packages will be offered by the clubs and how customers will pay securely online as well as having printed business cards and drawn up contracts for nightclubs should they be interested in the idea. We were pleasantly surprised by the focus and the drive of the team and they looked ready to go with a bit of investment which led to our first mistake; not questioning the idea far enough. Corpoinvest already had a company to the name that was sitting idly so we decided to use that as it…

Where did VoIP Supply’s Refresh line come from?

VoIP Supply has been a leader in VoIP equipment since 2004 when owner and CEO Ben Sayers realized that there was a high demand for VoIP equipment yet nowhere to purchase it. By end of year, VoIP Supply succeeded in becoming the top North American supplier of VoIP Equipment. Year over year, VoIP Supply saw an increase in business profitability and became the go to e-commerce site to purchase VoIP.   But that did not mean Ben was satisfied. Now that customers had a way to purchase new VoIP equipment, he began to think of where all of the used VoIP equipment would go as companies started to replace existing infrastructure. Moreover, Ben understood that the cost of new VoIP hardware could be a big impact to small businesses and a big purchasing decision. With that in mind came the idea of a refurbished line of VoIP equipment that would allow customers to purchase used VoIP equipment that was still in great conditions for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. So the team got to work. By 2010 VoIP Supply officially implemented Refresh. A way to offer customers affordable VoIP equipment that would not break the bank, and better yet, a way to offer equipment that was reliable…

Inside a CIO’s mind – lux-Airport

Il y a quelques semaines nous avons rencontré Claudine Leinenveber, Directeur Opérations et Informatique pour la Société de Gestion de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg (lux-Airport), afin de discuter de la fonction de CIO. Claudine Leinenveber est informaticienne de formation et a rejoint lux-Airport en 2007 après avoir été responsable du département informatique du Cargo Center Luxair pendant plus de 12 ans. Déterminée, avec un grand sens de l’organisation, elle est très impliquée dans tous les projets de ses équipes, afin de pouvoir intervenir en support si besoin, de faire avancer les projets et de toujours trouver une solution.   D’après-vous, quels sont les enjeux d’un CIO au Luxembourg aujourd’hui ? L’informatique étant toujours en toile de fond, il est crucial de connaître le fonctionnement général de l’entreprise, afin de pouvoir répondre aux besoins métier, et assurer la disponibilité des services et applications en continu. Dans le secteur aéroportuaire, nous avons d’importants enjeux au niveau du fonctionnement du terminal pour nos passagers, mais aussi de la gestion des informations qui transitent par nos infrastructures ; c’est pourquoi nous souhaitons rester maîtres de notre hardware. Il existe sur le marché des solutions applicatives performantes mais nous devons jongler entre les différents fournisseurs, avec leurs spécifications propres et dont les solutions s’accompagnent de contraintes matérielles…

Aktionstag Blauer Engel

Heute, am 25. Oktober 2016 findet erstmals der „Aktionstag Blauer Engel“ statt. Dieser Tag soll das Bewusstsein für das Thema nachhaltiger Konsum in der Öffentlichkeit steigern. Auch wir möchten an diesem Tag verstärkt auf eine umweltbewusste Lebensweise aufmerksam machen. Blauer Engel – das Umweltzeichen Der Blaue Engel ist das Umweltzeichen Der Originalartikel Aktionstag Blauer Engel wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog