Vidyo, Hurricane Matthew and Telehealth: Training for Disaster Response

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which has devastated Haiti, it’s important to note the grassroots organizations that focus not just on relief and recovery, but also community and cultural sustainability. The Haiti Medical Education Project’s mission is to keep the best and brightest Haitian medical talent living and working Haiti, creating a continuous  braintrust that will put the country’s care in a better place for decades to come. We’ve donated our video technology to the project for several years to help them do so. The Haiti Medical Education Project is a non-profit organization established by international healthcare providers, academics, and social activists after a major turning point for the country, the massive earthquake in 2010 that killed more than 100,000 people. Vidyo has helped Haiti train its doctors since that cataclysmic moment that changed the country forever. Through our video conferencing technology, Haitian medical students connect to physicians and medical educators around the globe, thus continuing their education – while remaining at home in their own country. The historic 2010 earthquake, in one fell swoop, exposed Haiti’s dire need for highly-qualified medical doctors that are also well-trained in mass emergency situations that deal with entire populations. In Haiti, while plans for disaster response are laid out, implementing a system…

Must-Have Unified Communications Features for Auto Dealerships

  Today’s car buyers have several options for where and how they purchase their vehicles. Senior Director at J.D Power, Arianne Walker, stresses that “shoppers are gathering information digitally up The post Must-Have Unified Communications Features for Auto Dealerships appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Sprint Review 16.13

Hello XiVO community! Here comes the release of XiVO 16.13! New features in this sprint Provisioning: Patton gateways SN4110 and SN4300 are now supported for auto-provisioning. REST API: DID configuration (a.k.a Incoming calls) is now available in the REST API of xivo-confd. Until now, it was only possible via the web interface forms. The REST API is now only missing outgoing calls configuration to be able to use SIP trunks. Technical features Consul: Consul has been upgraded to version 0.7. Ongoing features Directories: The phonebook in the web interface will be replaced with the phonebooks from xivo-dird. This will allow more than one phonebook per entity. Without this, XiVO supports only one phonebook, shared across entities. REST API: A REST API to manage outgoing calls is being developed. This is the last piece needed in the API to be able to use SIP trunks, and interconnect XiVO with operators, without needing to use THE XiVO web interface. This means other web interfaces may be developed, and automatic configuration of SIP trunks and call routing will be possible. Asterisk: We are working on upgrading Asterisk to the latest major version: Asterisk 14. See you at the next sprint review! Sources: Upgrade notes xivo-confd REST API Changelog XiVO 16.13 Roadmap XiVO Blog

What really is SD-WAN? Everything you need to know

It’s no secret that most enterprise IT managers and CIOs hate their wide area network. The WAN is typically an expensive, administrative nightmare, with lead times for bandwidth running into months. But over the last year or two, a technology has emerged that represents a more simplified and cost effective way to WAN. And while it doesn’t act as a silver bullet for all your wide area networking problems, it does address some of the biggest pain points well. In fact, SD-WAN—the SD stands for Software Defined—has arrived so quickly it has somewhat caught the industry off guard! Such is the demand for a tool as compelling as this. Predictions from Gartner suggest that by the end of 2019, 30% of enterprises will have deployed SD-WAN technology in their branches, up from less than 1% in 2015. What SD-WAN enables is a true hybrid WAN. With more and more enterprise applications moving into the internet, businesses are adding more commodity internet into the traditional WAN mix to better balance network performance and price. The result is increased overheads in terms of network management, configuration and orchestration. Until now. SD-WAN reduces the level of expertise required to configure the branch to what Gartner claims is the equivalent of “setting up a…

How Slack optimised MIXvoip’s team communication

Starting a business can be a scary process and for many, failure is just a matter of time because their costs are too high. Keeping expenditure to a minimum is vital for the success of any business, whether startup or even a more mature venture, and so it is important to find efficient practices moving forward into the future. One method of keeping costs down is the improvement of employee communication, a process that has become easier over time due to the introduction of the ‘cloud’ concept. One of the main IT services that has seen tremendous growth in recent years isslack.comand this is the system that was tested recently byMIXvoip. What Is Slack? At its core, Slack is a web chat solution with similarities to the old IRC services which will help some people feel at home almost instantly; Slack offers a number of API’s and possibilities for integration too. Communication between employees and with the management has never been easier than with the web version plus the free downloadable mobile app. This system will allow any workforce to become extremely efficient therefore making the whole business profitable as it is pushed in the right direction. The ‘#general’ channel allows employees to discuss their weekends and what they got…

Digitalisierung: Mit der IT an einen Tisch

Die Politik gibt uns gerade eine wichtige Lektion in Sachen Digitalisierung: gefährliches Halbwissen sorgt für Unsicherheit und kostet Vertrauenswürdigkeit. Wer sein Unternehmen effektiv digitalisieren will, sollte öfter mal mit dem CIO über Buzzwords reden. cloud world blog

Yealink VC Mobile App Now is Open for Beta Testing

Recently, Yealink announced that their VC Mobile App is now available for beta testing. This is an updated addition to Yealink’s One-stop Video Conferencing Solution designed mainly for remote and office workers. The high-quality video collaboration and streamline communication attract a lot of on-the-go staff with tablet or smartphone. It also supports Network Address Translation (NAT) and Intelligent Firewall Traversal to provide safe video conferencing meetings anywhere you go. The Yealink VC Mobile app is free of charge and available for both Android and iOS users to download. The post Yealink VC Mobile App Now is Open for Beta Testing appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider » VoIP Insider