Veterans Day: Rush University and Vidyo Help Military Vets on the “Road Home”

Virtual healthcare is one weapon that military veterans can use to combat a variety of behavioral ills — from depression to PTSD — they may suffer after their tours of duty have ended. Virtual care is the natural next step in the progress of providing mental healthcare to our veterans, and Vidyo is proud to  Read More The post Veterans Day: Rush University and Vidyo Help Military Vets on the “Road Home” appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Unboxing The Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter (G2)

This day and age, it seems like every business is looking for IP paging. Some are looking to upgrade their old analog paging systems, and others are looking to start fresh. Whether it’s a small business with a warehouse or a large enterprise with multiple floors, IP paging is becoming a ‘must have’ for everyone. But how difficult is it to install and operate IP paging? A lot of people will tell you that it is extremely complicated and expensive, but much like a lot of other stories you hear in the VoIP world, it’s just not true anymore. If you are looking for something cost effective and easy to install, then I would be doing a disservice by not recommending Algo for all of your IP paging needs. Algo has a wide-range of IP paging, emergency alerting, and security products that can cover every area of your business.  Algo even offers paging adapters so you can seamlessly integrate your existing analog system to a new and efficient IP system! But for the sake of this blog, I wanted to focus on one particular Algo product. The Algo 8180 (G2) SIP Audio Alerter is a perfectly priced unit that can serve multiple purposes!  This thing offers voice paging, multicast or…

Top 5 Reasons for an On-Premise Phone System

There are many good reasons to put your Unified Communications phone system in the cloud.  For example: You don’t have to lay out the cost of the system upfront. You The post Top 5 Reasons for an On-Premise Phone System appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

VoIP Supply Celebrates Its 17th Milestone Anniversary!

VoIP Supply LLC celebrates its 17th anniversary on March 14th, 2019 with over 30 dedicated employees behind their efficient website where customers fulfill their VoIP needs and develop new businesses! Over the years, VoIP Supply has been relentlessly expanding and improving its VoIP reseller program and fulfillment capabilities to help their VoIP partners grow. Today, the team works seamlessly side by side with multiple VoIP service providers and provides VoIP provisioning and fulfillment services for their partners with lots of benefits and features. White-Labeling & Plug-and-Play Provisioning Custom branding on the boxes and private stock holding are just two of the popular benefits their VoIP partners enjoy. See more VoIP Supply partner advantages below: Product fulfillment for providers, SMBs and enterprises Plug-and-play provisioning Reducing provider operational costs Reducing provision complexity Product buyback service – Reclaim Program Reconditioning products with full warranties – Refresh Products An innovative product rental program Learn More “I am thrilled with where the company is today and am honored to work with such a great team. Their passion and dedication to our customers, partners and our community makes me so proud. We truly have a winning team.” – Paula Griffo, President and CFO of VoIP Supply About VoIP Supply VoIP Supply, LLC ( is North America’s leading…

PME : et si les chatbots vous faisaient gagner un temps précieux ?

Deux ans après l’ouverture de la plateforme Facebook Messenger aux chatbots, quelles sont les promesses de l’intelligence artificielle pour les PME ? Le moment est-il venu d’embrasser la révolution chatbots ? Un chatbot c’est quoi exactement ? C’est la contraction des mots « chat » et « robot ». C’est donc une intelligence… L’article PME : et si les chatbots vous faisaient gagner un temps précieux ? est apparu en premier sur ICT Experts Luxembourg. ICT Experts Luxembourg

Starting the Year with a Bang! – Our Most Recent Awards

It’s a great time to be in the Unified Communications (UC) market! Market trends show that businesses are choosing UC when buying new or upgrading old phone systems. This means The post Starting the Year with a Bang! – Our Most Recent Awards appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Fanvil Talks About New Products and Their 2019 Roadmap at ITEXPO 2019

There was little to no downtime at this years ITEXPO for us, and that’s the way we like it! But somehow, between all o the traffic at our booth and all of the fun and excitement the show has to offer, we were still able to find time to sit down and talk to Fanvil! Being a distributor of Fanvil, it was nice to stop by their booth and get some exciting news and information from their Sales Manager for North America and Brazil, Tommy Cheng. Tommy was nice enough to cover a lot of hot topics including new releases and what we can expect to see from Fanvil in the future! He was even able to show us the hot new X210 executive level IP phone which is available for preorder now! We had such a great chat with Tommy, we’re lucky we were able to get it on camera because now we can share this fun and exciting interview with YOU!  Just click on the video above get all the latest from Fanvil! Are you currently using Fanvil products? Want to become a Fanvil reseller? You can start by signing up here! The post Fanvil Talks About New Products and Their 2019 Roadmap at ITEXPO 2019 appeared first…

Opter pour un IVR en entreprise : le choix de la raison ?

Opter pour un IVR en entreprise : le choix de la raison ? Les systèmes IVR se sont démocratisés depuis une dizaine d’années. Solution miracle pour les uns et fausse bonne idée pour les autres, cette technologie est source de débat. Petit tour d’horizon de ce logiciel incontournable dans les centres d’appels. Les professionnels qui travaillent au sein des call center vous le certifieront : le développement des IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ou serveur vocal interactif en français, a profondément modifié la nature de leur métier et la manière avec laquelle ils gèrent les appels. Colonne vertébrale des centres d’appels modernes, ces serveurs vocaux se sont démocratisés durant la dernière décennie. Pour rappel, un IVR est un système informatique capable de traiter automatiquement les appels téléphoniques que reçoit une entreprise. Les correspondants se voient proposer divers menus, avec lesquels ils peuvent interagir grâce aux touches d’appels de leur téléphone : tapez 1, tapez 2, etc. Selon le choix effectué par l’appelant, le système est en mesure de lui transmettre une information ou de l’orienter vers le service concerné. Les architectures les plus abouties technologiquement sont en outre capables de mettre en place un système de reconnaissance vocale, d’intelligence artificielle et de synthèse vocale. Un poids en moins pour les entreprises Généralement, les correspondants sont…

5G : les applications les plus prometteuses

Avec un réseau cellulaire jusqu’à 100 fois plus rapide, la technologie 5G ouvre un vaste champ des possibles. Tour d’horizon des innovations les plus attendues. La 5G sera plus rapide que biens des réseaux WIFI. Pourtant la révolution promise ne repose pas seulement sur la… L’article 5G : les applications les plus prometteuses est apparu en premier sur ICT Experts Luxembourg. ICT Experts Luxembourg

How to Configure Fanvil’s X6 IP Phone on the 3CX Server

Fanvil’s IP phones are not just known for its high quality and affordable price, but also its ease of use! Configuring a Fanvil IP phone only takes a few minutes and you are ready to roll. Today we will take the X6 SIP phone as an example and show you how easy and quick the configuration can be done. Let’s get to it: How to Configure Fanvil’s X6 IP phone On the web interface of the 3CX server, select “Settings” > “Network” Click “Ports” tab to check your SIP port used by PBX. You will need this SIP port number to configure SIP accounts for your IP phone Go to “Extensions”> Click “Add” to create a new extension and click “OK” On your X6 IP phone, click “Menu” >”Status” to get your IP address On the web interface of your X6, enter the IP address Select “Line”> “SIP” tab, enter your server address Now go back to the 3CX server web interface, copy your Authentication ID and Password Paste the information from 3CX server to your X6’s web interface. (Authentication User and Authentication Password) Enter your User name and Display name Enter Proxy Server Port, this is your SIP port number used by PBX (we got this number from step…

3 Ways School Mass Alert Notifications Are Enhanced with UC

Communicating information to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people is a common occurrence for schools. Sending home a note with the kids or putting information on a flashing sign outside may The post 3 Ways School Mass Alert Notifications Are Enhanced with UC appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

Build vs. Buy: Identify Your Strategy for Embedded Video

Investing in complex new technology is always better when you have choices for how to implement it. This makes it easier when you have a set budget and know your development team’s degree of expertise regarding the technology. Embedded video communications is one such offering that has multiple implementation options. These options are covered in  Read More The post Build vs. Buy: Identify Your Strategy for Embedded Video appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

Comment sécuriser Django, framework python

Tout le monde est maintenant conscient de l’importance de délivrer ou utiliser un service web fortement sécurisé. Il est indispensable de protéger les données stockées dans les bases de données, valeurs inestimables, et assurer la confidentialité des échanges. L’utilisation d’un framework comme Django permet de partir sur des bonnes bases. Mais nous allons voir qu’il est nécessaire de paramétrer finalement celui-ci. Comment sécuriser Django ? Je vais me servir d’un exemple concret, l’application PyFreeBilling dont je suis le créateur. PyFreeBilling est une application complète de VoIP (fonctionnalités de class 4 pour les connaisseurs) permettant à un opérateur télécom ou à une entreprise de services de connecter des clients et des fournisseurs, de router les appels, d’appliquer un tarif selon le type d’appel ainsi que l’ensemble des tâches nécessaires à cette activité. L’exemple est intéressant du point de vue de la criticité de l’application. Une solution de communications de VoIP doit-être fortement sécurisée. Les risques de fraudes, de divulgation d’informations ou de perte de services sont importants. Un serveur à peine déployée subit ses premières attaques au bout de quelques minutes ceci étant aidé par des frameworks permettant d’automatiser les attaques. L’interface de gestion de PyFreeBilling est développée avec le framework Django. Pourquoi sécuriser Django ? La sécurisation de l’interface d’administration…

Polycom Talks New Products and Services at ITEXPO 2019

One of the things that keeps us coming back to ITEXPO year after year is the opportunity to meet manufacturers face to face and hear what they have to say about their brand, and what might lie on the horizon for VoIP technology. While attending ITEXPO 2019 we were able to catch up with Darren Knapp of Polycom! This was a great opportunity to hear about all of the exciting things that are in store for one of the top brands in the industry! Being that we are a value-added distributor of Polycom products, we feel it’s important to our customers and resellers to hear about new products, features and roadmaps from Polycom directly, and we were able to deliver! During our interview with Darren, he gave us some insight into the direction Polycom is heading towards.  Everything from more affordable VoIP phones to their new service programs PDMS (Polycom Device Management Service) and their new DaaS (Device as a Service) program which allows providers to rent IP phones with no contract instead of buying them up front! But we’re not going to just tell you about what Darren had to say.  You can watch for yourself! Check out the video above and watch the full interview from ITEXPO 2019!…

Auerswald Online Shop: Was ändert sich für mich?

Ab sofort können Käufe von Auerswald Zubehör und Ersatzteilen, sowie Freischaltungen über unseren neuen Online Shop abgewickelt werden. Er ist online und einsatzbereit. Wir haben hier die wichtigsten Informationen zusammengetragen: Ziel war es, die bisherigen Portale distriCOM und das Auerswald Upgradecenter zu einer gemeinsamen Plattform zusammenzuführen, die alle bisher bereitgestellten Der Originalartikel Auerswald Online Shop: Was ändert sich für mich? wurde zuerst auf dem Auerswald Clever Blog veröffentlicht Auerswald Clever Blog. Auerswald Clever Blog

Data driven design : quand l’intelligence artificielle transforme l’expérience utilisateur

Créer des expériences uniques est devenu le graal des entreprises digitales. Les segmentations des marketeurs sont remisées au placard pour laisser place à l’expérience personnalisée. Avec le succès de l’iPhone et de services comme Uber ou Airbnb, l’expérience utilisateur est devenue le nerf de la… L’article Data driven design : quand l’intelligence artificielle transforme l’expérience utilisateur est apparu en premier sur ICT Experts Luxembourg. ICT Experts Luxembourg

State of Phone System Buying 2019

It’s a fact that in the near future, those entering the workforce will have no memory of what the workplace looked like before Unified Communications (UC). They will have never The post State of Phone System Buying 2019 appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

February New VoIP Hardware Roundup: New DECT Phones, IP Phones and More!

February is not just a month for romance, but also a month for lots of new VoIP innovation! This month, we are introducing several great, new additions to our VoIP catalog. Don’t waste another second, let’s get to it! Grandstream DP DECT Phone Series Ideal users: Warehouses, retail stores and residential environments where mobility is key. Remember Grandstream’s DP 720 DECT handset? Now Grandstream is adding two more DECT phones to the DP series, offering up to 400 meters outdoor range and 40 hours talk time! The new DP series includes the DP722, DP730 and the DP752 DECT VoIP base station that complements any of the DP series handsets to offer mobility. Grab one of these units to enjoy wire-free communication today! Up to 400 meters outdoors Up to 40 hours talk time Up to 2.8-inch color display Sangoma s206 Entry-Level IP Phone Ideal users: Contact centers, remote workers, FreePBX/ PBXact users. Sangoma’s s series is getting even better! The s206 is an enhanced model for the s205 IP phone with an upgraded processor and OPUS codec support. It comes with 2 SIP accounts, 5-way conferencing, and all the features you need to work with FreePBX and PBXact. If you are looking for an affordable IP phone that can be…

Sangoma Reseller Webinar Recap February 2019

During this month’s Sangoma reseller webinar, Mark covered Sangoma’s latest Tech Award, new product releases, and Sangoma’s partner portal with marketing resources. Download the webinar slides here to learn more details! Sangoma Reseller Webinar Q&A Question 1: Does Digium mobile solution work on Sangoma’s PBXact? Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is no. As of right now, Digium’s mobile solution only works with Digium Switchvox. However, the integration with Sangoma products could happen down the road in the future. Question 2: How are the s206 and s406 IP phones different from the s205? Answer: The s206 has 2 SIP accounts, while the s205 is equipped with 1 SIP registration only. Also, the s206 and the s406 SIP phones have a new processor chip that supports Opus codec. Learn More about Sangoma Reseller Program The post Sangoma Reseller Webinar Recap February 2019 appeared first on VoIP Insider. VoIP Insider

What Your Unified Communications Phone System Does in a Typical Day

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog explaining what Unified Communications is. If you use a UC phone system, you might not even know where it physically is. Perhaps The post What Your Unified Communications Phone System Does in a Typical Day appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

IoT : les PME auraient-elles tout à gagner ?

Grâce à la réduction du coût des capteurs et des plateformes logicielles, les PME sont aujourd’hui plus que jamais en mesure d’accéder à la technologie IoT. Qu’il s’agisse de générer des données capables d’augmenter l’expérience client, de réduire les coûts d’exploitation ou d’améliorer l’efficacité organisationnelle,… L’article IoT : les PME auraient-elles tout à gagner ? est apparu en premier sur ICT Experts Luxembourg. ICT Experts Luxembourg

What Will Your Job Look Like in Three Years?

The pace of technological change rarely has a rapid and dramatic impact on large swaths of industries. For example, it took over a dozen years for the rise of the internet to so dramatically change the shape of the home entertainment industry that the digital world put the old business model to bed. Blockbuster famously  Read More The post What Will Your Job Look Like in Three Years? appeared first on Vidyo Blog. Vidyo Blog

How to Use Yealink’s SIP-T49G Bluetooth Phone with a Mobile Phone

Many of Yealink’s business IP phones have built-in Bluetooth support that allows you to connect your mobile phone to the Yealink phone unit wirelessly. The advantage is that you can switch the desktop phone to your mobile phone anytime you want, even during a phone call without any interruptions. (The person on the other end won’t even notice it!) Let’s take Yealink’s SIP-T49G business phone as our example and see how this process works: How to use Yealink’s SIP-T49G with a Mobile Phone Switching back and forth between the T49G business phone and your mobile phone is easy. Let’s take a quick look at the simple process: Turn on Bluetooth from your mobile phone setting Connect your mobile phone to SIP-T49G via Bluetooth When there is an incoming call, both your cell phone and the T49G will ring Answer the call on either the SIP-T49G desktop phone or your mobile phone On your mobile phone, you can switch this call to SIP-T49G without any interruptions When your conversion is finished, simply hang up the call on your cell phone or the T49G and the call will hang up on both ends This Bluetooth connection process works for the T49G, SIP-T58V, SIP-T58A, SIP-T56A, and SIP-T49G. The best part is that the…

MIXvoip rachète Voipgate à Datacenter Luxembourg

La société MIXvoip est fière d’annoncer officiellement le rachat de Voipgate à Datacenter Luxembourg. Voipgate continuera de fonctionner de manière indépendante en profitant des synergies du groupe.   Le rachat de Voipgate est une étape majeure dans la politique de croissance de MIXvoip sur le marché local. Au cours des dix dernières années, les deux sociétés ont su construire des relations de confiance avec les intégrateurs. Pour ces derniers, ce rapprochement entre deux acteurs historiques de la voix sur IP « Made in Luxembourg », concrétise l’émergence d’un opérateur de taille, et par conséquent, d’un partenaire sur lequel s’appuyer. Aussi, cette acquisition s’inscrit dans une stratégie globale qui consiste à consolider la position de MIXvoip comme premier opérateur télécom au capital luxembourgeois privé. Loïc Didelot, CEO de MIXvoip, commente : « Ma carrière professionnelle est fortement liée à Voipgate. Avant de fonder MIXvoip, j’ai fait mes premières armes chez Voipgate et j’y ai énormément appris. Ils étaient pionniers en voix sur IP au Luxembourg. Les synergies technologiques en matière de téléphonie cloud et d’interconnexions découlant de cette alliance auront des retombées positives pour les deux sociétés. » Xavier Buck, fondateur de Voipgate et Datacenter Luxembourg, commente : « MIXvoip est l’acteur adéquat pour permettre à Voipgate de poursuivre son développement.…

OpnSense : sortie de la version 1.9.1

L’équipe d’OpnSense vient d’annoncer la nouvelle version de leur parefeu libre basé sur HardenedBSD. Parmi les éléments les plus importants, la migration vers l’OS de base HardenedBSD en version 11.2. Pour ceux ne connaissant pas HardenedBSD et son intérêt pour un outil comme un firewall, voici un lien de comparif HardenedBSD avec FreeBSD, OpenBSD et NetBSD (cela vous permettra d’avoir un élément de comparaison en plus avec PFSense). Voici les modifications les plus importantes depuis la version 18.7: support du PIE firewall shaper prise en charge de la journalisation des règles NAT par le pare-feu 2FA via la combinaison LDAP-TOTP WPAD / PAC et prise en charge du proxy parent dans le proxy Web Exportation de certificat P12 avec mots de passe personnalisés Dpinger est maintenant le moniteur de passerelle par défaut support étendu IPv6 DUID prise en charge de Dnsmasq DNSSEC version du pilote Realtek NIC 1.95 HardenedBSD 11.2 LibreSSL 2.7 Unbound 1.8 Suricata 4.1 vérification de l’état du firmware étendue pour couvrir tous les fichiers du système d’exploitation, miroir HTTPS par défaut les mises à jour tiennent compte du cache du navigateur en ce qui concerne les actifs CSS et JavaScript nouveaux plugins : pour l’exportation de sauvegarde via API Bind widget Matériel Nginx Ntopng VnStat Dnscrypt-proxy Pour…

Why Phone System User Experience is Important

Ever tried to open a door with a vertical handle by pulling it, only to find it’s a “push door”? Or a door with an obvious “push” handle that inexplicably The post Why Phone System User Experience is Important appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk

How to Configure the Algo 8039 Video Intercom with the Algo 8061

Algo’s 8039 video intercom attracts many businesses who are looking for a flexible and reliable intercom solution that can be easily configured in several different ways to meet their requirements. The Algo 8061 is a PoE interface module providing SIP interface control specifically for the Algo 8036, 8039, and 8201. Today, we are going to show you how easy it is to configure the Algo 8039 with the Algo 8061 relay controller. Let’s get to it! How to Configure the Algo 8039 Video Intercom Find the IP address of your Algo 8061 – You can find it by using the locator tool from Algo’s website. This tool displays all of the Algo devices available on the network, and their corresponding IP addresses. Point your browser to the IP address. The 8061 Control Panel will be displayed. Log in with a default password “algo” Set a password: Go to the Config page and set a password in the Door Control Password field in the Features section. You will need this password when configuring the 8039 with the device. The 8039 can be configured from the web interface. Find IP address of your Algo 8039: Press the blue call button to hear the IP address over the speaker. Log in via the…

Biomimétisme : quand la nature rend l’innovation durable

Les humains sont des malins… Ils ont élaboré au fil du temps des techniques très intelligentes. Mais sans le vouloir, ils ont aussi engendré un grand nombre de risques pour notre planète. L’heure est venue de concevoir de nouveaux produits qui s’inscrivent dans une perspective… L’article Biomimétisme : quand la nature rend l’innovation durable est apparu en premier sur ICT Experts Luxembourg. ICT Experts Luxembourg

5 New Microsoft Teams Features Draw Attention to Educators

Microsoft Teams continuous to introduce new features to broaden their applications. This time, they are targeting teachers and educators! A total of five new features starting this week will be rolling out to all Teams users. Let’s take a quick peek: #1 Grade Sync to your SIS: Grading is easier for teachers now. You will be able to automatically send students’ grades from Teams assignments to a teacher’s Student Information System. #2 Mobile Grading: Teachers are able to give grades to Teams Assignments from anywhere anytime through the iOS or Android Teams mobile app. #3 Turnitin Integration: Suspect about plagiarism? Use the Turnitin integration to detect potential plagiarism by comparing your student project against items on the Internet! It will search for similarities for you and quickly pinpoint any plagiarism. #4 Free Computer Science Curriculum: MakeCode is Microsoft’s online game development engine that allows students to build games using drag-and-drop block or JavaScript. The beta version will soon be released this month for teachers to have access to it from Teams. #5 Faster Assignments: Now you can create and view your upcoming assignments easier and quicker than before. Interested in learning more about VoIP for the education industry? Check out VoIP Supply’s Edu Assist, a program designed to get VoIP…

Switchvox in Review: What the Best Value in UC Has to Offer

In today’s saturated market of business phone system solutions, it is not easy to decide which one is the right choice for your business needs. Some vendors offer too many The post Switchvox in Review: What the Best Value in UC Has to Offer appeared first on Inside the Asterisk. Inside the Asterisk